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Ultimate Guide for Your Sex Life!

Sex toys and sex products for adults

If it seems to you that passion has abandoned your sexual relationship, and grayness and ordinariness has come to replace it, then it’s time to look in the online store and find something for yourself and your partner. After that, it will definitely be hot in your bed …

15 adult sex toys to buy in 2021

1. Orlena Clit Stimulator

Mimicking the technology of the Cosmo-loved Womanizer, this discount option from Amazon, no less, doesn’t just vibrate—it sucks (like, in a good way). The small nub at the end has three different suction intensities, plus eight vibration modes.

Touch by We-Vibe - Sculpted Clitoral Vibe

2. Touch by We-Vibe - Sculpted Clitoral Vibe

Mimicking the technology of the Cosmo-loved Womanizer, this discount option from Amazon, no less, doesn’t just vibrate—it sucks (like, in a good way). The small nub at the end has three different suction intensities, plus eight vibration modes.

Waterproof G Spot Vibrator with Quiet Dual Motor 9 Vibration Modes,PALOQUETH Clitoris Anal Vibrator Toy with Magnetic USB Rechargeable Design for Couple Play

3. Waterproof G Spot Vibrator with Quiet Dual Motor

The unique shape of this vibrator from Paloqueth allows it to curve all the way from your vagina to your clitoris, meaning you can stimulate both at the same time. Two independent motors can be turned on with a tiny remote control so there’s no awkward reaching around.

Pixie - Clitoris Vibrator - Magical Sex Toy with 10 Powerful Settings for Women and Couples, Waterproof Body Safe Silicone, Rechargeable, Quiet, by Sweet Vibrations

4. Pixie Clitoris Vibrator

At under $40, the Pixie vibrator is one of the best toys you can get for the money. While many cheaper toys tend to be battery-powered (less powerful) and only “splashproof,” the Pixie is both rechargeable and full-on waterproof. The toy is covered in FDA-approved silicone, has a travel case, and features dual tips to hug your clitoris for maximum pleasure.

5. Cal Exotics Mini Marvels Massager

This rechargeable vibrator is designed to be placed between your two fingers for a seamless toy experience. There are ten vibration patterns, and it truly couldn’t be easier to use. For those looking for a discreet vibrator, this is also a great option. No one but you will know what it’s for.

Tenga Iroha Stick

6. Tenga Iroha Stick

Not only is the Tenga Iroha Stick extremely cute, it’s also more powerful than you’d imagine for a battery-operated vibe. Uncap the lipstick top to reveal a smooth silicone bullet vibrator with a perfectly engineered tip to cup your clitoris. It’s splash proof and has multiple speeds too.

Tango by We-Vibe - Powerful Mini-Vibe, Pink

7. Tango by We-Vibe - Powerful Mini-Vibe

As seen in Broad City, this bullet-shaped vibrator is anything but basic. It’s got rumbly powerful vibrations that are perfect for targeted clit stimulation and it’s small enough that you can easily use it during intercourse without having to, like, Make It a Thing™ that you’re bringing toys into the bedroom. (As someone who has lugged a Magic Wand between boroughs only to have the act of finding an open wall socket ruin the mood, this is 👏very👏 important.)

Tingle Tip Toothbrush Attachment Vibrator

8. Tingle Tip Toothbrush Attachment Vibrator

This attachment fits over the head of your electric toothbrush and transforms it into a discreet but powerful external vibrator. Since pretty much everyone and their mom has some iteration of that one Oral-B toothbrush, this is great for beginners who want an inconspicuous sex toy without having to, like, carry around a bright-pink suction-cup dildo.

Realistic Dildo, Louviva 9 inch Lifelike Liquid Silicone Big Penis, Women Sex Toys with Strong Suction Cup

9. Realistic Pink Suction Cup Dildo

However, if you are in the market for a pink suction-cup dildo, may I recommend this one? It’s got a slight curve to hit all your sweet spots and the suction cup on the bottom means you can attach it onto your shower walls and ride it while stimulating your clit/deep conditioning your hair. Plus if the idea of coming home and seeing this beautiful pink dildo attached to your shower walls doesn’t make you smile, then TBH what will?

Crave Vesper Vibrator Necklace (Rose Gold)

10. Rose Gold Crave Vesper Necklace

Whether you’re looking to ~make a statement~ or are just the sort of person who needs the convenience of literally wearing your vibrator around your neck (we’re all that person sometimes, TBH), the Vesper has you covered. It’s designed to look like an actual piece of jewelry and fits in the palm of your hand. If you’re worried something that tiny won't be enough to get you going, this is one of the strongest clit vibes out there. Maybe it’s something about that metal-on-skin contact, or maybe it’s the three settings this little guy operates on, but it’s great for a really strong clit orgasm. Get you a vibe that can do both (make you orgasm and double as a sleek piece of jewelry).

California Exotics Key Comet II Rechargeable G-spot Wand, Lavender, 5.25 Inch

11. California Exotics Key Comet II Rechargeable G-Spot Wand

Real talk: I once had a friend who said this strange question-mark looking toy “changed her sex life completely” and then produced actual tears when she failed to remember to bring it with her on a weekend trip. If you’re looking to explore the ~*MyThiCaL*~ act of female ejaculation, this toy paired with a clitoral vibrator is your best bet. The scoop shape and bulbous tip are great for hitting the übersensitive top of your vagina, and the battery on this one lasts for a continuous two to three hours.

12. LELO Soraya Cerise Vibrator

An attractive dual-action vibrator, this sleek pink gem offers a three-button interface that allows you to change up to eight different vibration modes, so you can make it as intense or gentle as you like. Most important is its lockable interface — so when you're traveling, you don't have to worry about it "going off" when clearing the dreaded security line or stowing your carry-on bag.

Pocket Pussy,Male Masturbators Cup Adult Sex Toys Realistic Textured Pocket Vagina Pussy Man Masturbation Stroker

13. Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit Male Masturbator

Whether your partner is out of town or you're just looking for something to use on your own, the Fleshlight is a classic choice for a masturbation experience that feels like the real thing. It can also be used as a trainer to increase your stamina, so you can rock it all night long. The shaft and opening is filled with soft, textured silicone that mimics the feel of vaginal sex. Get fancy with it and go for the gold version, or opt for black if you're into keeping things discreet.

14. SVAKOM Vibrating Anal Plug and Prostate Massager

The SVAKOM's anal plug and prostate massager offers 25 (!!!) different frequency options, so you know you're really getting the best bang for your buck (hehe, get it?!). Its quiet operation means no one will know when you're using it, which is particularly helpful when you're in a hotel room or share a home with roommates. It's also waterproof, which means it's a primo pick for shower sex!

Njoy Pure G Spot Metal Wand 7.5 Inch Polished Steel

15. Njoy Pure G Spot Metal Wand 7.5 Inch Polished Steel

One of the most futuristic-looking sex toys, the Njoy Pure G Spot Metal Wand is made from a heavy and luxurious polished metal, that stimulates you in just the right way. Your G-spot will thank you for this!

What is sex toys?

Sex is a very pleasant pastime, but who said that it can not be made more enjoyable? For these purposes, there are sex toys for adults. If a stereotype has taken root in your head that an intimate toy is certainly a vibrator , it means that you did not visit the relevant stores and did not get acquainted with their diversity, and you really have to choose from what. Sex products – this is not a waste of money and not a whim, it is a source of new emotions and incredible pleasure. For some people, using them is a real opportunity to refresh their boring relationships and bring back their former passion, as well as a way to experience completely new sexual sensations.

Perhaps you have not even thought about it, but buying sex toys can be beneficial for health, as some of them allow women to strengthen their intimate muscles, while men are given the opportunity to get a prostate massage. Regular use of sex toys for adults has a positive effect on libido and revives interest in sex, but what kind of sex accessory to choose depends only on your desires and tastes.

What are they like?

Even if you have never bought products for adults, making the right choice will not be a problem. Popular sex toys can be divided into categories:

Of course, each of these sex products has its own characteristics, characteristics, terms of use and cost, which you can learn in more detail when you go to the appropriate section. Of course, you can choose realistic sex toys for women or for men, who also have some differences among themselves.

How to use sex toys?

Probably every person who buys erotic products already knows exactly how, where and with whom he will use them. Nevertheless, some general recommendations will not be superfluous:

  • Before applying it will be useful to understand the instructions, so as not to spoil the most crucial moment;
  • Starting from the very first time and after each subsequent use, rinse sex toys in water. Of course, first of all this concerns not all kinds of erotic costumes, but anal plugs , vibrators and other devices, the purpose of which is quite understandable;
  • The price of a sex toy can be any, but the desire to use it should be with both partners, and it must be equally strong, otherwise the use of such a toy loses all meaning;
  • Show imagination, experiment, try the most different variations, but do not adhere strictly to what is written in the instructions. Perhaps this is the key to your happy intimate life.

So which one to choose?

Buy sex products is not the same as choosing products in the store. In this matter, you should be fully guided by your desires and needs, and also take into account the preferences of your partner. For example, one desire “I want a big dildo” is not enough to get pleasure, because in real life it may turn out that this is not what you need. Before choosing the best sex toy, pay attention to everything: what the toy is made of, what is its shape and anatomicality, does it have a control panel, in the end, do you like what it looks like. If this is some kind of costume, consider whether you want to wear it and whether you will really feel relaxed in it.

Before you order sex toys, you can always sort the products directly on the site by price, if this is crucial for you. The price range can vary from a few hundred to several tens of thousands of rubles for a particular model, and here you have the choice. You just have to go to the appropriate online store and choose sex-goods for adults, and you can assume that a new round of your sex life has already begun.

Cosmo's Truth or Dare: Our Naughtiest Sex Game Ever!

More sexy fun from Cosmo, in the same fabulous format you loved in Cosmo’s Steamy Sex Games. This naughty spin on the classic Truth or Dare game features 120 enticing cards in a box; you and your sweetie simply take turns picking from the deck and choosing a spicy “Truth” or an edgy “Dare.”

Truth: What is the strangest thing that has ever turned you on?
Dare: Lick your lips in the steamiest way possible.

Truth: On a scale of one to ten, rate your bedroom skills. Tell me the reason for that score.
Dare: I’m going to draw a tiny x somewhere on my body. Your job is to kiss me all over until you find it.

Truth: Pretend you’re a critic and give me a review of my performance the last time we were in bed.
Dare: Pick a spot on my body that isn’t usually considered sexual-elbows, knees, ankle-and lavish it with kisses until I’m turned on.

Whichever one you choose…the results will be sizzling HOT! Do you dare to play?

Since its inception in the 2nd Century B.C, Kamasutra has become synonymous with the art of making love. From your neighbor to your teacher that you have a little crush on to your partner (hopefully); everyone in every corner of the globe has heard of it or is aware of the Kamasutra to some degree. Unfortunately, this general awareness of the term is usually where the knowledge stops and the mythology begins. I used the term ‘art of making love’ earlier because that’s something that I really want to emphasize here; that having sex can be and is truly an art form. There’s so much more to it than simply stripping off your clothes, having a quick play with one another before some rushed intercourse and trying to get off.
That’s a practice that this book hopes to abolish. Kamasutra has existed roughly since the 2nd Century B.C. During this period, the original author (more on that in Chapter One) was millions of years behind the modern society when it comes to the art of having sex. His religion saw sex as one of the many things a person had to achieve spiritual harmony. Therefore, as it was so encouraged, it only makes sense to try and do it right. The western society has unfortunately developed a different attitude when it comes to sexual congress. This negative view of late prevents westerners from having great sex. We are face to face to a ‘behind closed doors’ policy where the idea of openly discussing sex is publicly criticized. As a result we must learn as we go along; usually resulting in basic missionary position and, if we’re feeling really frisky, doggy. If we can do this once a week, commend yourself for getting it done and then wait for the next inevitable tame session.

And we call this having sex. Not anymore. That life you used to lead where you normally ponder whether you should get more sleep or have sex with your partner, as if there was even a choice here, is gone. For that, you can thank the Kamasutra. The only real problem with Kamasutra is that it’s a little out of date. To its credit, it is over 2,000 years old and is still extremely relevant in many places. However, some of the teachings are a little archaic for modern dater. If you were to read it in its entirety, you’d probably think that you were picking up the wrong book. That’s where this book comes into play. What you’re going to get from this book is a modern-day Kamasutra, an update from the original text over 2,000 years ago. I’ve scoured through the entire book, provided the necessary tips and added a few new and improved ones. Yes, you will get a list of the best positions and how to do them. After all, that is the crux of the Kamasutra. But I’ll even go further than that. I’ll be providing you with tips on how to come up with your own positions. And more than that, this book will also be going into detail on the all-important foreplay, something that the original Kamasutra was very concerned with and you should too.
It should be noted that Kamasutra is about so much more than just having sex. Anyone can have sex (they hope). It’s about having sex properly and what is achieved by doing so. Sex is a part of everyday life and has the ability to improve our lives if done properly. This book is about learning how to have that sex. Most would agree that it is life changing; I mean really, isn’t that alone should be enough?

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