Pros and cons of group sex, Swingers Party!

Maybe group sex has been taboo for you today. Maybe you imagined a group of perverse people who went far beyond what was still considered right. Let’s figure out the pros and cons of group sex.  But maybe you have already tried the “group game” and you know that the truth is somewhere else. That there were people in the group who […]

10 Incredible sex tips to spice up your sex life

With time, go, everything goes away”? As Lavoisier said, “nothing is lost, everything is transformed”! It’s time to apply this wise scientific precept to your couple and take control of your sex life, slightly at half-mast. It’s time to spice up your sex life! For this to work, you have to be too kindly spice up your sex life. So first of […]

Why Kamasutra is more feminist than it looks?

Although it has never been intended to be a manifesto for gender equality, in some respects, Kamasutra is surprisingly ahead of its time. Kamasutra is more feminist than it looks like. Demonstration. Would you read the Kamasutra in the subway? No, you would cover it with a kraft, as you did for Fifty Shades of Gray. Nothing to do, when you think Kama Sutra, you […]

Erotic sex story: Friends with benefits

“We were mediocre companions in elementary school, I can’t say her name friends.” This how did start our eroticsex story: Friends with benefits. She was always in the women’s company, with the girls, and I with the boys, because that’s how it went. We only got close after high school. I didn’t expect our story turns into an erotic sex story, […]

Why do men send “Dick Pics”?

At a time when even our sex lives have become virtual, the “dick pics”, including penis pictures, have become commonplace even when no one ask for them. Difficult to know for what purpose men send dick pics. American scientists have just clarified the mystery. If a picture is worth a thousand words, there are still some of which we would have […]

Morning erection as evidence of good penis health

An irritating morning erection, physiological theories, a broader view of morning lovemaking, and we won’t miss a woman. Strong hormonal cocktail. Does morning erection have any deeper meaning, and is it good to take care of it? Why do men get morning erections? During the sleep REM phase, in which the wake-up occurs most often, the hormone noradrenaline is not […]

How can a woman get to orgasm only by hand?

The most basic method that everyone should master. Use it with a permanent partner, or random acquaintance. If you don’t have a condom at hand, the manual route is the safest yet functional option. You will reach your woman orgasm by hand. You couldn’t leave her unhappy. Step 1: Cropped hand nails Keep your nails in perfect condition. Why do […]