Kamasutra: Sexuality and the sex positions of love

Who has not heard of the famous Kamasutra sex positions and has not tried some of them? Whether it is the missionary, the most common position during sexual intercourse or the greyhound that offers a deeper penetration or the classic position of sixty-nine, sexual positions, in general, allow to spice up a little sex and keep awake a desire for rapport […]

How To Talk About Sex With Partner

Talking about sex is very important and should be a natural part of the relationship, without being embarrassing. How often do you talk to your partner about sex? Are you perhaps more comfortable having sex with your partner than discussing it? Talking about sex is very important and should be a natural part of the relationship, without being embarrassing. What does it […]

Sexist men are more unhappy in love than others!

Several university studies reveal that sexist men are not happy in love. Dirty time for the macho. According to psychological studies, being macho is bad for your relationship and your sex. In 2018, Israeli and American researchers found that sexist men were sexually unhappy. The frustration that comes from a ranking of women in two categories in their minds: the holy good […]

Morning sex: 10 good reasons for sex in the morning

Sex in the morning is popular. According to a recent UK study, the majority of respondents preferred Sunday morning at nine to raking the sheets. No wonder, after all, morning sex is the perfect wake-up device and there are no annoying appointments waiting for us at the weekend. But sex in the morning can be even more … That’s why we love sex […]

CAT sex position: So she comes to orgasm during sex!

The CAT sex position is a position for the orgasm of the woman! And best of all, you do not need sweaty bunnies or acrobatic contortions – the CAT position is simple, gentle and effective. We explain to you how the CAT Sex position works and what you should consider experiencing an unforgettable climax. With Coital Alignment Technique (CAT) to the climax Many couples […]

Outdoor Sex: The Best Places For Outdoor Sex

Outdoor sex makes the summer even hotter! You already did it on the kitchen table, the washing machine and in the bathtub? Outdoor sex provides variety and brings neat pepper in the relationship. We have for you the best places for outdoor sex, as well as tips and toys for a rendezvous in the countryside and explain when there is urgent attention. What are […]

Cognitive Behavioral Treatment In Sexology

Cognitive behavioral treatment is a modern, unavoidable treatment, one of the favourite indications in the treatment of sexual dysfunction. Behavioral treatment aims, for a short time, to modify a behavior that disrupts and poisons a person’s life. It is, unlike long-term psychotherapy, not here to change and work on a whole personality. This treatment considers the negative messages a person […]