Adult sex confession: 14 women confess their choices, no regrets!

Adult sex confessions: Betraying didn't help me find the love of my life, but to better understand my life and find happiness, inside me

“Betraying didn’t help me find the love of my life, but to better understand my life and find happiness, inside me”, Adult sex confession. 

Who among us has never questioned the subject? About betrayals, 14 women make adult sex confession about their choices (without regrets!) We don’t want to deny it: betraying someone means hurting him, sometimes very badly. In most cases, it’s best to be honest about your feelings before hurting someone we really care about. But we cannot also deny that, sometimes, even people with the best intentions risk being tempted. And, in some cases, a little infidelity can really change the way we see life and love. Fourteen women, each one makes her own adult sex confession. They explain  betrayal was the best thing they could do at that point in their lives.

1. Carla, 25

“I had a serious relationship with the most despicable human being that exists. He had betrayed me several times already. I couldn’t leave him, because by now I had lost every bit of confidence in myself. I told myself that I could not deserve any better, and that he was the best boy I could be with. Then a friend of mine started to let me know that he was interested in me. We went out a few times, so we ended up in bed together. If it hadn’t been for that boy, who managed to remember how it feels to be desired and appreciated, and who made me understand that I deserved better, I would never have had the courage to leave my boyfriend. The story with that friend of mine has not become serious, but we are still on excellent terms.”

2. Jenny, 24

Another adult sex confession. “My boyfriend and I had a story at a distance. And I was realizing that I no longer needed him in life and that I was happy even without him. Then my ex came back, and one evening, when I was a little drunk, I asked him to take me home. Ending up at his house instead, and we had sex. I woke up at 4 am, I was shocked and disgusted at the same time. I ran away from her half-naked house, I only had her shirt on. And while I waited for him to take me a taxi, I realized that I had really hit bottom. Since that time I am really thankful to be with my boyfriend, I respect him and appreciate him like never before. If I had never betrayed him, I don’t think our relationship would have continued. It helped me to open my eyes, and to understand how much I love him.”

3. Alina, 22

Betraying my boyfriend, I realized how little he really cared about me. He preferred to be with his friends than with his girlfriend. If I told him that I went out with some boy, the only thing he could answer was “have fun”. He didn’t care about who I went to. And once I happened to flee to Holland one night: I told him where I was going, and he didn’t blink. It was then that I realized that I needed a strong change. And, a little later, I met the boy I’m marrying with.​”

4. Flora, 27

A unique adult sex confession follows. “I had been doing tug-of-war with a boy since I was in high school, and we left permanently only when I was in college. Three years later, I attended another boy, wonderful. We communicated with wonder, we liked the same music, and sex was divine. For a while, I also thought that he really was the great love of my life. Then, one afternoon, I was going to study in the library and I accidentally met my ex on the street. He accompanied me to the university, then we sat down and talked for hours. And when it was late, we went to his house. As soon as he closed the door, the fireworks left: we ended up on the living room floor, and our clothes flew across the room. The next day, I left my boyfriend. And my ex? Well … we get married in the summer!”

5. Clarissa, 23

“We were together but he lived in another city, and I betrayed him. We had been arguing for months, and he lived far away, we felt and barely talked to each other. Then, at school, I met another boy: he behaved exactly as I wanted my boyfriend to behave. I had never felt this way with anyone else, even though we hadn’t done anything yet. I realized that he was the one I wanted, but I already had a boyfriend and I felt confused. In the end, we went to bed together, and at that point, I decided to leave my boyfriend to sit with him. We’re still together, and we’ve decided to live together. With him, I still feel like the first day we met. If I had not betrayed the boy I was with, I don’t think I would have found my love.”

6. Elizabeth, 25

“The boy I betrayed was my first love. He had betrayed me, and I had forgiven him. But then, as I grew older, I stopped being the kind of guy a guy checks himself for. And so I pushed myself a little too far and ended up with another. The type with whom I betrayed my type knew that I had an unbalanced relationship because he was my best friend. We told each other everything. And one evening, as I confided in him, it happened. 
The next day I felt guilty, but at the same time, I could not blame myself completely. I knew it was also my boyfriend’s fault. I didn’t feel loved, I didn’t feel wanted, and in the end, I looked elsewhere for what he couldn’t give me. It is as if, unconsciously, I knew that the I confessed to him right away, and he behaved badly. We decided to go our own way and immediately felt happier than ever. Since I’m not with him anymore, I’m a better version of myself. And all this only by betraying it. I will never really feel guilty for doing it.” This was Elizabeth’s adult sex confession.  

7. Kate, 21

Kate makes her own adult sex confession and explains why she did so. “My boyfriend and I had been together for almost three years but, with time, we saw each other less and less. We no longer had sex, and in the end, we had virtually no physical contact. But I didn’t want to leave him, because all in all we got along well and we never fought, so I told myself that this was fine. Indeed, I had begun to think even that it depended on me, that it was I who had lost my libido for some reason. Then, however, I approached a colleague of mine, and things changed. Every morning, even though I hated my job, I couldn’t wait to get to the office, and every time I received an email, my heart was pounding.
But he was busy and I too, and I told myself that I was deluding myself for nothing. Then, however, from flirtation, we switched to spicy messages, and one day we kissed. Since that day we have been unable to hold ourselves back. The more time we spent together, the more we realized that our respective relationships were now over. 
I felt reborn, I wanted to go out with my friends again, and to start cultivating the passions that I had abandoned, I don’t know why either. Betraying my boyfriend, I realized how much things between us had worn out, and how unhappy I was. We broke up, and I have to say with joy that all my friends say that my current boyfriend and I are made for each other. And, apparently, even his mind thinks so.”

8. Sarah, 24

“I had just started dating a colleague of mine when they hired a very nice new girl in the office. She was quite explicit about her interest in me, but I had never been with another girl, and in theory, I was already dating a boy. But he told me he didn’t want anyone to know that we were seeing each other (I know, bad sign …), and over time he turned out to be a perfect imbecile. So one evening, almost out of spite, I and my colleague did it in the car. In the end, I left my boyfriend, and she and I have been living together for almost two years. What a bizarre way to understand that you also like women, don’t you?”

9. Rose, 24

Rose tells her sex adult confession with a little bit of regret. “A couple of years ago, I betrayed the boy I am about to marry now. We broke up, and I started dating another boy. Then, of course, we got back together, and as much as I hate having hurt him, I’m now 100% sure that I’m going to marry the right man. And honestly, if I hadn’t tried to be with another I don’t know if today I would have the same security or if I was still marrying with doubt. Yes, I still feel terrible about what I did and how much my boyfriend suffered, but I don’t regret having found the security I needed.”

10. Denise, 26

“I have always thought that the wolf loses its fur but not its vice. Or – in other words – those who cheat once betray forever. I got married very early because both my ex-husband and I come from two very religious families. Then, however, when my marriage went to pieces, and my ex-husband started wondering if he really liked women, I met a person who was really attracted to me, and who made me feel alive again, beautiful, appreciated and gave me back my energy. An if my husband still believed that, as in the forties, the marriage was “until death do I part”, despite its identity crisis and our frustrating relationship, I decided I had to understand what it meant to feel loved, seduced, satisfied.
We separated a year after the yes, and me and the other boy, by now, are about to get married. We love each other a lot, and I can’t believe I almost gave up the “fairy tale” ‘. Now I am really happy with him, and my ex is also happy with him: he is with another man, and he goes to a support group to accept his homosexuality.”

11. Mary, 28

“I had an absolutely destructive and violent relationship with the man (* Brando) who I thought was my great love. We shared the house with some of his dear friends, and after a year I got very close to one of them (* Rocco), even though at the beginning we were just friends. Over time, though, I realized how happy Rocco made me, and how frustrating my story with Brando was. I knew I had to leave him, but every time I tried to address the subject, we started with screams and cries, and threats. In the end, Rocco and I went to bed together. 
I think I had to get to that point somehow. Maybe he deserved to come into my life in another way, but it went like this. Four years later all this mess, Rocco and I decided to get married.I’ve never been so happy, and even if I didn’t dream of knowing my husband like that, it had to happen because I could get over where I had come from and turn the page.”

12. Lucy, 21

“I was engaged for two years, but in our relationship, now, there was no more passion. We had met at a time when I had lost faith in myself, and I could not believe that a boy could find me attractive. And with him, I had sex every night, whatever happened. It was a certainty. The first time I betrayed him, he was with a boy who finally made me understand that I could be wanted and that I shouldn’t be satisfied with someone I didn’t love just because I needed certainties. Cheating helped me to regain confidence in the fact that I can meet someone who wants me, and that I love myself more than the boy I was with then loved me.”

13. Claudia, 23

“Cheating was really the best decision I ever made. Here it is my sex adult confession. It helped me to know myself better, to understand more about the kind of person I am. Yes, I had to hurt a person I loved and really respected, and for this reason, maybe I will never really be able to forgive myself. But in the end, I really think it’s the best thing I could do. My boyfriend and I broke up, and I started with the boy I betrayed him with. But over time, I realized that not even that was the man I was looking for. Neither he nor my ex. And I understood one thing: that I couldn’t make them happy, and that I couldn’t make anyone happy, because I wasn’t happy. Therefore, betrayal did not help me find the love of my life, but it helped me to see my life better, to look at myself and find the happiness I was looking for within me, and I had never succeeded before. I always looked for confirmation in men, I relied on themin the hope of finding happiness. 
I wish I had arrived at these conclusions in another way, but finding the happiness I was looking for within myself helped me to really enjoy life. And I would never have succeeded if I had continued the relationship.”

14. Amy, 26

“When I went to university, I had an unhappy relationship with a boy who was a manipulator and wanted to control me at all costs for three years. I realized it was time to get out of it when I was only a month away from my degree. I had a part-time job, and one evening, after I finished, I called my boyfriend to see if he was still at the bar where we went with our friends, so we could reach him. But he didn’t answer me. So I decided to go to a party at the home of other friends. As soon as I arrived, I found a wonderful and very funny guy who had just returned from a period of study abroad. We left the party and walked around together, and realized that this was one of the best moments of the last few years. Then I turned off the phone, and I decided not to worry about my boyfriend anymore, at least until the next morning.
I and that boy I had just met spent all night playing ping pong (and whoever was wrong made a sip of beer!), To tell us stupid things and to remember old times. And when the party ended, I went to him. He made the first move immediately, and before I knew it, it was 9 am. He brought me home, and we were full of pacifiers. When I turned the phone back on, I found 10 missed calls and 20 messages. At that point, I tried to cover the pacifiers, and to tell us stupid things and to remember old times. And when the party ended, I went to him. He made the first move immediately, and before I knew it, it was 9 am. He brought me home, and we were full of pacifiers. When I turned the phone back on, I found 10 missed calls and 20 messages. At that point, I tried to cover the pacifiers, and to tell us stupid things and to remember old times. And when the party ended, I went to him. He made the first move immediately, and before I knew it, it was 9 am. He brought me home, and we were full of pacifiers. When I turned the phone back on, I found 10 missed calls and 20 messages. At that point I tried to cover the pacifiers, and that same evening I left my boyfriend without giving him too many explanations (after all, I knew that there was no need, that he didn’t deserve them) and I saw the boy from the night before. After a month we were already in love. 
Two years have passed, and we have just moved to Germany. I truly believe we will spend the rest of our life together. It would never have happened if I hadn’t decided to go to my friends’ party that night.”

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