Andromache or cowgirl position is risky!

The name of the position would come from Andromache the wife of Hector the famous hero of Homer in the Iliad. She used to “ride” her husband during their lovemaking.

In this position of Andromache the man is lying on his back and the woman is sitting or squatting on him. Although it is a classic Kama Sutra it is also one of the few positions where the woman is dominant. This position of domination allows her to perfectly control the sexual act.

This position is perfect for re-balancing the roles within the couple. It gives the woman a position where she can experience the joy of giving the body union the rhythm. The lover, although subject to the wishes of his companion, is not meanwhile totally helpless. Since it can also caress the erogenous zones of his partner and better contemplate.

The movements of the female partner, unlike those of the man, are totally free. She can adapt the movements, their rhythms, the inclination of her body, the angle and the depth of penetration. She totally masters the penetration which is an undeniable help to achieve orgasm. Therefore, Andromache’s position is particularly perfect for women who want to discover orgasm. But also for those who tend to have trouble reaching it. Indeed, the position of Andromache has the advantage of allowing the simulation of the point G. Because of the angle of penetration, the front part of the vagina is particularly stressed.

This sexual position also has the advantage of allowing the caresses on the erogenous zones of the partner. 
Indeed, the man hands are perfectly free to caress her partner’s breasts, buttocks, hips and clitoris. Although some women prefer to stroke their clitoris during penetration. Others will be more sensitive to the friction of their clitoris against the pubis of their partner thus promoting an orgasm. You should not forget that a third of women reach orgasm during penetration if it is with clitoral caresses.

Regarding the male partner, his lower position below his female partner is particularly ideal. For men who want to learn to control their ejaculation by delaying it without reducing their pleasure. Indeed, in this situation, a man suffering from premature ejaculation can easily grasp the hips of his partner. To stop the movements of the latter and avoid triggering the ejaculatory reflex.

Note that the fact of being dominated is part of the fantasies of many men. However some people do not appreciate this domination. They will find it difficult to accept this situation in which their position is inferior to that of the woman. In the same way, this position can put a brake on some women and especially those who do not dare to put themselves forward during their sexual intercourse. They may then have a hard time accepting the direct exposure of their body. 

Finally, a variant of the position of Andromache is for the female partner to “ride” his partner by turning his back. This variant offers the advantage for unconvincing and timid women to avoid the gaze of their partner during the movements back and forth that the latter can always perfectly control. In addition, being turned back makes it easier for the woman to masturbate during penetration. Man, meanwhile, can accentuate the movements and pace the penetration.

A position provokes penile fracture

A study returning to 2014 in the journal Advances in Urology reveals that this position could be potentially dangerous.  It is responsible for more than half of cases of penile fracture.

Penile fracture: Patients characteristics.

Table 1 shows detailed clinical findings. Heterosexual intercourse was the most common cause of fracture (28 patients, 66.7%), followed by penile manipulation (6 patients, 14.3%) and homosexual intercourse (4 patients, 9.5%). Four patients (9.5%) opted to maintain the cause unclear.

The results of this study in which a Brazilian team looked at 42 cases of penile fractures reported between 2000 and 2013 show that in 50% of the fractures the position of Andromache was the cause against 29% for the greyhound and 21 % for the position of the missionary.

Scientists explain this result by the fact that when the woman is above the man, the man can not control the movements back and forth and can hardly “stop the energy of the penetration” if a penis pain occurs.

That being said, we must not banish this position but keep in mind that it is best not to pack during his practice and avoid sudden penetration movements that can lead to a twist of the penis.


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