6 Great Benefits Of Masturbation!

6 Great Benefits Of Masturbation!

Ever heard of “NoFap”? Behind this term hides a rather strange trend that has developed in recent years around the globe. Only mainly men, but then many women, voluntarily renounce for a certain time on pornography and masturbation. A time of “no fab”, ie “not masturbating”. Fans of this trend believe in the health effects on mind and body. There are many scientific findings that prove the benefits of masturbation for us …

That's why masturbation has benefits

❤ Because of the happiness

“I’m not feeling so well, I’m masturbating!” – Sounds silly, but it really makes sense. Just as during sex self-satisfaction releases the happy hormones oxytocin and endorphin, which can raise our spirits. So if you have a small slack or was caught by winter blues, you can withdraw with the best of conscience with the words above. This is one of the benefits of masturbation. 

❤ Because it relaxes us …

Stress and overwork? Unfortunately more and more concomitants of our everyday life. Masturbation has its benefits and can help us turn off and clear our heads. In addition, masturbation acts like a natural sleeping pill. So if you just want to come down or can not fall asleep, let the imagination run wild and just “relax”.

❤ Main benefits of masturbation… it keeps healthy

We know from the English: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Of course, we do not want to deny the apple its healthy effect, but if you think about how healthy it is to masturbate, then you could just as well – or even better – the dedication to dedicate this proverb. It reduces the risk of diabetes or prostate cancer, stimulates the heart and circulation, promotes blood circulation and can relieve menstrual pain and prevent cervical infections. Should not it rather be called “An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away”?

❤ Since it is natural …

In fact, there are still people who consider masturbating unhealthy and harmful. Or even unnatural. It is the most natural thing of all. All we have to do is take a look at the wildlife. There are many animal species that satisfy themselves. Dolphins do it. Monkeys do it too. And dogs, and penguins … The list is long. And they do it with their paws, hands, legs or use aids. Just like us. As a reason for masturbation in the animal kingdom biologists see the goal to increase the fearfulness. It’s sex training, so to speak. And of course!

❤ … and it’s all about us

It’s so easy with the masturbation – you just need a quiet place and you’re ready to go. We do not have to agree with anyone. Or make us pretty for someone. We can just be free. And if the quiet village is still our bed, then we can just fall asleep after the orgasm. Nobody there to worry about …

❤ It makes us beautiful

And the best comes to the conclusion: Masturbation makes us beautiful. Masturbation increases self-confidence and promotes a positive self-image. Unfortunately, we are often too critical of ourselves. So much the better that one of the nicest activities helps us to see each other clearly. Because we are all beautiful – only sometimes blind!

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