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Best Lubes For Sex And Masturbation!

Best Lubes For Sex And Masturbation!

Choosing the best lube can be very confusing! Especially when some lubricant ingredients don’t go with everyone’s body chemistry. In this case, you have to choose among hundreds of products available in the market the best sex lube. But to do so, you have to consider many factors such as sensitivity. This makes the task more difficult!

We made deep research to help you get the best lube for your sex life. We tested many tubes and packets and asked persons with knowledge to save you time and money.

Why lubes are useful?

Before telling you about the importance of lubes, I need to add that sex lubes are not only for sex. They can help also on sex toys.

Besides using them from time to time with your partner, they do well with prostate toys and sex dolls as well. They are good even when masturbating on your own.

The reality is sex is not always as perfect as we see in porno movies! Girls are not always wet, guys are not always hard and ready to go. For these reasons, we have to add something to make the intercourse be comfortable and smooth. Same for the sex toys, they also need a little care since they can’t lube themselves.

Lubes make sex more fun and pleasant

Have you tried to have sex when your girl is dry? I don’t advise this because she won’t be happy trying hard to put your penis into her before she gets wet and ready. On the other hand, this could hurt both of you since this can cause irritation and friction.

Lubes protect our sensitive areas

Actually, it has never been healthy or safe to insert things or to be penetrated without any lubrication. Areas such as the vagina, anal canal and penis have very sensitive tissues and skin and the lack of lubrication can harm these areas. The outcomes are not good: pain, infection, and discomfort when having sex.

1. Best lube for vaginal sex: Astroglide

AMAZON $13.17

We know well that the amount of lubricant varies from a vagina to another. Sometimes vagina is so dry and needs additional lubrication. It’s good to prepare yourself for such situations and have a good lubricant with you. A dry vagina is a commonly spread condition that comes to all women during certain periods. You know, it’s not an embarrassing thing in the end.

The favorite lube for this is Astroglide. It is one of the best water-based lubricants, it works well for sexual intercourse. This lube is very slippery so you can enjoy your time with your partner. Its price is good and I insist that you try it because all the people that have tried are very happy with it.

2. Best lube for intimate sex: Uberlube


Ideal for those that indulge in sexual play more often and need to keep lubricated we bring you Uberlube Silicone Lubricant, a quality personal silicone based smooth lube that is longer lasting and offers extra slip.Formulated with Using unscented body safe ingredients, Uberlube Silicone Lubricant is nonstaining and friendly. Comes supplied in a handy and easy to apply 100ml glass pump action bottle.

3. Best lube for sensitive skin: Isabel Fay

AMAZON $16.95

This is the best lube for vaginal sex and sex toys. Many people suffer from having sensitive skin that doesn’t accept any foreign lubricant. Lubes taking care of sensitive skin generally don’t contain glycerin and parabens. Even when you don’t have sensitive skin, I advise using this lube. According to many customers who have tried different lubes, Isabel Fay is the best one. It works well with condoms too.

4. Best anal ease lubricant: Lubido

EBAY $4.45

Exploration has never been easier or more comfortable than with this slick and thick anal lube. Aloe infused to soothe anti-fungal properties to ward off harmful bacteria and a special ingredient for its pleasure enhancing capabilities all formulate to make this anal lube a powerhouse. Designed for fun use on yourself each other your favorite anal toys and last but not least condoms. Available in 50ml and 250ml bottles with easy to use pumps lockable and spillproof.

5. Best lube for sex toys: Extreme Moist

AMAZON $19.97

Generally, the best lube to use with sex toys is the water-based ones. Other lubes can be used also but some of them contain substances that don’t work with toys materials. Actually, water-based lubes won’t have in any way bad interactions with toy material. It’s right that they are not as slippery as silicone or oil-based lubes but they do well with your toy. They are also easier to clean up, unlike silicone-based lubes that need more effort to get cleaned up. I need also to tell you that silicone lubes react badly with silicone toys by breaking down its material. But not all of them do so to silicone toys, some of them work fine!

I recommend using water-based lubes because they work well with silicone and stainless steel toys. The one that I recommend is Extreme Moist. Extreme Moist works also perfectly with condoms if you want to add an extra lubricant!

How to use lubes in the right way?

To be honest, there is no right method on how to use your sex lubes.
All you have to do is to apply enough lubricants in the correct zone of your body choosing the right time. This way, you make your sex experience more pleasant and comfortable.

One only rule to follow is to use a quantity of lube more than you think you need. It’s not an expensive product, so don’t think that you will keep the bottle for a long time. Better to use it in a short period and buy another one!

For vaginal sex per example, rub first a liberal amount of lube on the penis and into the labia.

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