Which is the best time to have sex: morning or evening?

The best time to have sex: morning or evening?

Honestly, what time of day do you have sex? Most couples do the lovemaking in the evening. Now the science advises: Move your penis sometimes in the morning!

Are you still tired in the morning and prefer toothbrush and shower before you get closer to your partner? Then please hurry up soon, because experts advise to postpone sex from the evening to the morning ! The released endorphins , so the main argument, help to start the day in a good mood. Sex expert dr. Jess O’Reilly also mentions that in the morning we are not only rewarded with an orgasm, but that he also makes us more beautiful. Thanks to the steroid hormone DHEA, we can look forward to shiny hair and radiant skin .

Sex in the morning is good for your health

Having sex in the morning – the experts are certain – has an extremely positive effect on our health . The reason for this is an elevated level of the antibody immunoglobulin A, which occurs mainly in external body fluids. This strengthens our immune system and protects us from bacteria that we come into contact with on the way to work on the bus or the subway. As we sleep, we also go through several stages of being sexually aroused. If you wake up during one of these phases, your body has already begun foreplay and you get up to speed faster. In addition, the circulation is stimulated and you feel energetic.

The best time to have sex for men

Men also experience hormonally controlled sleep cycles . A not to be forgotten factor, why the morning sex is particularly worthwhile, is that the testosterone level is highest in men between the hours of 4 and 6 o’clock . In combination with a relaxed and rested feeling in the morning, men can completely outgrow themselves at the beginning of the day.   

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