Is Tighter Vagina Good For Sex?

From time to time, the woman notices her vagina is tighter than it used to be. This is not weird because the vagina made changes mainly during intercourse and childbirth. There is no too tight vagina nor a loose vagina, it measures from three to four inches long. During intercourse, the vagina expands to gain additional inches. And believe me, […]

How To Use A Condom Correctly

Male and female condoms are being very useful. Without a doctor’s prescription, you can buy it. This is why you have to know how to use a condom correctly. In other words how to wear a condom if you are men and how women should insert a female condom and even more we must know why we have to use […]

Is pubic hair good for your health?

A recent US study has shown that removing pubic hair would have no impact on the spread of STIs. Such as gonorrhea or chlamydia. This could be an answer for if the pubic hair is good for health. Good news? Not necessarily, because if you have hair on the sex, it’s for good reasons. These are the ones. Metro ticket, […]

FAQ: Trying a sex toy for the first time?

I am a virgin, can I lose my virginity with a sex toy? No, because virginity by definition is lost during sex. By cons, it is possible, if you use it for penetration to break your hymen. I have never tried a sex toy, which one do you recommend? First of all, you have to identify several things: are you […]

Why Kamasutra is more feminist than it looks?

Although it has never been intended to be a manifesto for gender equality, in some respects, Kamasutra is surprisingly ahead of its time. Kamasutra is more feminist than it looks like. Demonstration. Would you read the Kamasutra in the subway? No, you would cover it with a kraft, as you did for Fifty Shades of Gray. Nothing to do, when you think Kama Sutra, you […]

Morning erection as evidence of good penis health

An irritating morning erection, physiological theories, a broader view of morning lovemaking, and we won’t miss a woman. Strong hormonal cocktail. Does morning erection have any deeper meaning, and is it good to take care of it? Why do men get morning erections? During the sleep REM phase, in which the wake-up occurs most often, the hormone noradrenaline is not […]

Kamasutra: Sexuality and the sex positions of love

Who has not heard of the famous Kamasutra sex positions and has not tried some of them? Whether it is the missionary, the most common position during sexual intercourse or the greyhound that offers a deeper penetration or the classic position of sixty-nine, sexual positions, in general, allow to spice up a little sex and keep awake a desire for rapport […]