Circumcised Penis Vs. Uncircumcised Penis

Penis circumcision is a surgical operation by which the penis foreskin is removed. However, for the uncircumcised penis, the foreskin is remaining. The difference between circumcised and uncircumcised penis is including hygiene practices and appearances. Through the years, people used to get circumcised for different reasons. We mention: – Religious reasons for people following Muslim or Jewish faith. – Family […]

Tantra Chair For Kamasutra Loving Couples!

Experience new sexual adventures! The book of the Kamasutra proposes a range of positions which, sometimes, prove to be very difficult to make. However, there is today the Tantra chair or sex chair, a chair whose shape allows you to practice many positions rather complicated in bed. Characteristics Of Tantra Chair Dimensions and angles: The tantra chair dimensions are 74 […]

Sexual Activities During The Quarantine For Couples

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, you may be wondering if it’s still safe to have sex during your quarantine. Long story short, you are safe. Below is a list of resources and recommendations to keep yourself and your significant other safes during this pandemic. One of the questions you may ask is: Can COVID-19 be sexually transmitted? The short answer is […]

Pros and cons of group sex, Swingers Party!

Maybe group sex has been taboo for you today. Maybe you imagined a group of perverse people who went far beyond what was still considered right. Let’s figure out the pros and cons of group sex.  But maybe you have already tried the “group game” and you know that the truth is somewhere else. That there were people in the group who […]

Outdoor Sex: The Best Places For Outdoor Sex

Outdoor sex makes the summer even hotter! You already did it on the kitchen table, the washing machine and in the bathtub? Outdoor sex provides variety and brings neat pepper in the relationship. We have for you the best places for outdoor sex, as well as tips and toys for a rendezvous in the countryside and explain when there is urgent attention. What are […]

Sex and Power: The Story Made Under The Sheets

This is a parenthesis of the history of sex and power, it goes far beyond the confines of a bedroom. It is a handful of small exemplary stories explaining that, at times, the unscrupulous use of sexuality allows us to take advantages. Even more to reach unattainable goals. Sex and power are the engine of history … And probably the […]

Adult Sex Confession: 14 Women Confess Their Choices With No Regrets!

“Betraying didn’t help me find the love of my life, but to better understand my life and find happiness, inside me”, Adult sex confession.  Who among us has never questioned the subject? About betrayals, 14 women make adult sex confession about their choices (without regrets!) . We don’t want to deny it: betraying someone means hurting him, sometimes very badly. In most cases, it’s best […]