Circumcised Penis Vs. Uncircumcised Penis

Penis circumcision is a surgical operation by which the penis foreskin is removed. However, for the uncircumcised penis, the foreskin is remaining. The difference between circumcised and uncircumcised penis is including hygiene practices and appearances. Through the years, people used to get circumcised for different reasons. We mention: – Religious reasons for people following Muslim or Jewish faith. – Family […]

50% higher risk: Smoking Can Lead to erectile dysfunction!

The beginnings of tobacco smoking can be traced back to the Mayan civilization in Mexico around 6000 BC. The first European to learn to smoke from the natives was arrested because people thought he was obsessed with the devil. But what interests people these days is if there is relationship between smoking and erectile dysfunction. Currently, around 15 billion cigarettes a day are smoked in […]

Why do men send “Dick Pics”?

At a time when even our sex lives have become virtual, the “dick pics”, including penis pictures, have become commonplace even when no one ask for them. Difficult to know for what purpose men send dick pics. American scientists have just clarified the mystery. If a picture is worth a thousand words, there are still some of which we would have […]

Morning erection as evidence of good penis health

An irritating morning erection, physiological theories, a broader view of morning lovemaking, and we won’t miss a woman. Strong hormonal cocktail. Does morning erection have any deeper meaning, and is it good to take care of it? Why do men get morning erections? During the sleep REM phase, in which the wake-up occurs most often, the hormone noradrenaline is not […]

Sexist men are more unhappy in love than others!

Several university studies reveal that sexist men are not happy in love. Dirty time for the macho. According to psychological studies, being macho is bad for your relationship and your sex. In 2018, Israeli and American researchers found that sexist men were sexually unhappy. The frustration that comes from a ranking of women in two categories in their minds: the holy good […]