What is premature ejaculation and how to control it?

Frustrated man about premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation and poor sexual performance in bed annoy many men. Many people report that each of us will encounter these problems sometime in our lives. Actually, according to the Journal of Sexual Medicine, up to a third of men currently experience it. For some of them, the problem subsides spontaneously, but it is usually necessary to control premature ejaculation.

We can define premature ejaculation (PE) as the inability of a man to control semen sprain sufficiently to satisfy both partners in sexual intercourse.

Approximately this statement is made in the International Classification of Diseases, although premature ejaculation is not necessarily the disease itself. Much more often it is caused by inexperience or mental stress.

What is premature ejaculation?

The problem of PE is its difficult definition. Scientists usually state that if a woman does not achieve orgasm while a man does, then it is premature ejaculation.

But this is misleading because the male penis has never been primarily intended to lead a woman to the climax. Its main goal is to lead you to orgasm to seed ejection and fertilization.

In medical terminology, researches have divided ejaculation into several types according to the length of contact. The worst variant is ejaculating when entering in the vagina, in which the actual sex does not occur. The man finishes before entering the woman.

Premature ejaculation is then the sprain of the semen within one minute of the start of the intercourse, which cannot be delayed.

However, most men consider coupling short to be PE, ie intercourse lasting up to three minutes. However, some women are not even able to reach a climax for a longer period of time, then we talk about relative premature ejaculation.

It is therefore clear that there is a difference between medical terminology and the actual experience of men. It has relation not only to you but also to your partner because she is the partner. And because of whom many men don’t reach satisfaction with their performance.

Causes of premature ejaculation

We can divide the causes of PE into physical and psychological. Among the physical ones are mainly short frost, irritation or inflammation of the prostate. You should not postpone seeing a doctor for these problems. For example, there is a short frenzy’s over-stimulation during intercourse. So the effort to deal with the situation other than by a doctor usually ends unsuccessfully. The remedy is relatively simple.

For psychological causes of premature ejaculation, the situation has more complexity, as most interrelated factors are involved. The trigger can be mental fatigue, stress, addiction or adverse conditions for intercourse. There are many causes such as low sexual intercourse and higher excitability which we can add to this. We often associate PE with erectile dysfunction.

Mental fatigue is not allowed to concentrate on performance

Fatigue mainly affects people who are mentally active, but also men and women who spend their working hours doing routine computer work. It manifests as an overall weakness and slowed reaction to stimuli.

A tired person is harder to concentrate, motor problems can occur, and an erection is difficult in bed. However, although the erection succeeds, it is not yet won. The man either does not feel sex or ejaculates very quickly. The condition is very similar to depression.

The easiest solution is to reduce the burden and change your diet. Physical exercise will help, for example, in a fitness center, but especially the observance of eight-hour working hours.

Stress and anxiety divert thoughts from intercourse

Anxiety manifests in two forms. The more common is fear of partner dissatisfaction and related problems in the relationship. The man does not relax during intercourse, to which the body responds by faster irritation and ejaculation. It is a remnant of the reproductive drive that forces us to fertilize a woman before we have to interrupt sex.

Research has shown that in this case, the body reacts differently when you relax. While in a calm man, the penis, the circulatory system, and the head are bloodied relatively evenly during sex. Actually, the circulatory system and the abdominal muscles are more bloodied by stress.

Also, the breath changes from deep at rest to shallow and fast under stress. The result is faster coupling and the feedback has important limits. We lose control of the state of excitement, sometimes holding our breath directly. All this leads to faster irritation and ejaculation.

The trouble is that this reaction is subconscious and easily consolidates. Once you start worrying about your partner’s disappointment, this worry will cause premature ejaculation. And the more you worry about it, the more you will feel the stress and cause PE. They call it a loop or vicious circle.

The same physical manifestations come with the second form of anxiety, which occurs when you are really afraid of possible interruptions.

It can come when you have sex in unusual places or when there is a real risk of being exposed. Again, there is compaction, so it may be places where you are in contact and other places where you regularly suffer from premature ejaculation.

Addiction to the fast climax

We have already revealed the principle of habit in the previous point. This is a situation that promotes the emergence of stress and the unconscious consolidation of premature ejaculation. It often occurs in men who do not have enough privacy during sex.

A classic example is living with parents or a college with roommates. But the habit can also be created by children with light sleep or a cold woman who wants to have sex quickly. Removal is generally more difficult and takes longer.

A low number of sexual intercourse that the penis "did not train"

The risk of premature ejaculation increases when partners live separately due to failure. Man is hornier, penis more sensitive. It is also quite common at the beginning of sexual life.

Higher excitability and sensitivity of the penis accelerate ejaculation

This is an individual cause that is often found in men who have had a relationship with the aforementioned cold woman for some time. They strengthen the peripheral nerves that lead the impulses to the brain. As a result, the man sees the irritation as stronger and ejaculates prematurely.

Two forms of premature ejaculation

Doctors distinguish two forms of premature ejaculation, sthenic and asthenic. We characterize the first by the fact that the man has no problems with erection. After ejaculation, he is able to repeat the intercourse quite quickly.

In asthenic form, besides ejaculation, there are also problems with erection. This needs to be adapted to the solution. In this form, it often happens that a man ends before reaching full erection.

Delaying ejaculation

Let’s imagine several options to delay premature ejaculation. You should bear in mind that this is a long-term process that will not be resolved day by day. In some cases, it is enough to adjust your habits and the difficulties disappear. In other cases, you need a fundamental change.

There are many cases where the doctor recommended moving partners because the lack of privacy was the cause of premature ejaculation. Still, it took another year for the problems to disappear

Changes in sexual habits

In the sthenic form of premature ejaculation in which there is no problem with erection, changes in sex life can be helpful. There is often difficulty with the less experience of a man who is too sensitive.

Here you can try out the distraction method. During sex, a man should stop focusing on irritating ideas, but think of something calmer.

For example, imagining the sea has proved its worth. During the intercourse, start imagining that you are on the beach, see the sea, hear it, feel it with all the waves.

It can be upset or calm, it is up to you. With this idea, you distract attention from sex, which can help last a little longer.

Sex and premature ejaculation

In some cases, premature ejaculation may be due to poor choice of contraception. The right choice is a condom, which in addition to higher efficiency slightly reduces irritation.

It is also advisable to start pausing in couplings from a few seconds to a half minute. During breaks, the penis should be deep in the vagina, where the irritation due to enlargement is slightly weaker.

You can stimulate a woman while resting to irritate her clitoris. Sometimes it also helps if the man continues in intercourse but slows down or moves the penis only in the less irritating part of the back.  Alternatively, intercourse can be stopped temporarily and you stimulate the woman orally.

Drugs to support and maintain longer erections

Erection medications can only be prescribed by a doctor and should be consulted with your partner in advance.

In particular, we use anxiolytics, sedatives, neuroleptics and antidepressants that directly suppress ejaculation for the treatment of premature ejaculation. Their advantage is very fast onset, the disadvantage is possible side effects, most often problems with erection, libido, and concentration.

Numbing agents

Numbing sprays, creams, gels or condoms are quite popular, especially in the younger years. Their advantage is a quick effect, the penis just paints or put on a condom a few minutes before contact.

Experts recommend the use of a condom for any local anesthetic, as otherwise the numbness can be passed on to a partner who subsequently does not reach orgasm.

The preparations usually contain different concentrations of procaine and mesocaine. There are allergic reactions to these substances. It should be a good idea to test a small amount elsewhere on the skin before using it on the penis. By this way, you can see if you experience burning, itching or swelling. If so, do not use penis products.

You should not use desensitizing agents in the asthenic form of premature ejaculation as they may cause erection problems.

They also reduce men’s enjoyment of sex and in some cases may temporarily completely ejaculate. It is advisable to try to desensitize only certain parts of the penis to find the optimal variant.

Pressing technology

This is a kind of partnership exercise that was quite popular in earlier times, but today it is in decline due to its complexity.

If we compare it to other methods, it has the advantage that with a proper and long-term application, a man gains much more control over his ejaculation. It is suitable exclusively for sthenic form in which there is no problem with erection.

Be calm and think about sex

Premature ejaculation is the terror of many men. There can be many causes, which unfortunately often combine with each other. For a happy sexual life, it is first of all necessary to remove the elements that can cause PE.

Subsequently, it is necessary to deal with the consequences that have already occurred, to train with a partner and to try anesthetizing means.

And remember that the normal duration of sexual intercourse is only a few minutes. Some studies report average sex of 3 minutes, others up to 17.

In any case, nothing prevents you from satisfying a woman before you even enter her. She will like it, and it will lessen your stress with the internal obligation to lead her to orgasm.

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