FAQ: Trying a sex toy for the first time?

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I am a virgin, can I lose my virginity with a sex toy?

No, because virginity by definition is lost during sex. By cons, it is possible, if you use it for penetration to break your hymen.

I have never tried a sex toy, which one do you recommend?

First of all, you have to identify several things: are you clitoral? vaginal? Would you use it for penetration or just for masturbation? For clitoral stimulation, we recommend the use of sex stimulators or vibrators; for vaginal stimulation and G-spot, dildos are perfect. If it is the first use, it is best to start with small sizes.

What is the difference between a dildo and a vibrator?

The dildo also called dildo or dildo does not vibrate unlike vibrators and is reserved for penetration. It can be maintained through a belt and the newest of them have one of two parts that fit directly into the vagina.

Can I use lubricant with a sex toy?

Yes, instead of natural lubrication or for easier penetration, it is possible to use a lubricant. If you use silicone sex toys, you must use a water-based lubricant.

Can we use condoms with?

Absolutely, especially if several partners are brought to use it during the report. Do not forget to change the condom between each partner.

What is an anal plug?

The anal plug is a small dildo that has a flared portion at one of its ends to prevent it from being sucked. Some people have fun keeping it for a few hours before intercourse. It can accentuate the pleasure at the moment of orgasm.

Which sex toy is good perineal activities?

Geisha balls or Ben Wa balls​ are well suited for perineal refolding exercises. Just insert them into your vagina and continue your normal activities.

Our top picks: Geisha Balls

Is it better to choose latex or silicone sex toys?

Better to choose silicone: first of all it is softer to the touch, it has no smell, is non-porous and easily maintains with a little soap and hot water. It is also recommended for people allergic to latex.

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