Don’t get frustrated by your husband anymore!

Don’t get frustrated by your husband anymore!

Married couples are originally men and women from different families. It is hard to understand each other, and there are many cases of collision. Psychological counselor Tatsunari Iota indicated differences between men and women in his book ‘A Man Who Doesn’t Know, A Woman Who Doesn’t Explain’ in order to avoid such frustration between husband and wife. You may be able to take a smoother approach just by knowing the characteristics of the other party.

Have you ever been frustrated with your husband?
Sadness, when people cannot understand each other because you are a married couple who live face-to-face with each other on a daily basis. Such as passing each other due to lack of words and feeling disappointed, when they do not meet the expectation that they should understand.

Even though they are married couples, they are different in gender and have completely different personalities. Also men and women grows in different norms. So it is not easy to understand each other.

Communication is indispensable for understanding each other.
According to psychological counselor Tatsunari Iota, men and women are aliens. It is said that it is a natural creature that cannot be understood.

Therefore, we need to speak in words that are easy for each other to understand. Now, I am going to discuss facts to you, so you will never be frustrated by your husband.

Man eats pride and lives

It is often said that men are highly prideful creatures. And that can lead to passing each other due to household problems after marriage.

Women tend to be too realistic when they get married, says Iota. After getting married and giving birth, women come to think about their families and children first, and they need money for their children’s education, to buy their own home, to have a car, and so on. Women try to cut down on household budget.

On the other hand, it is a man who cannot throw away the rules he learned when he was in love and single. Even if they get married, they want to spend money and look good, just as they did when they were single.

If the husband buys a high-priced car that is not worth the income, or he generously buys alcohol, then it makes no sense for the wife to save money. Above all, a serious couple quarrel breaks out.

In such a case, it is recommended to setup a specific period and numerical value toward the goal.

Men are creatures who can work toward their goals if they can set up their goals. Let’s conclude a partner agreement to set specific goals and work hard together to manage the household budget while showing an understanding of man’s pride.

Men are like kids

“A man is a creature who wants to be a child forever, while a woman is a creature who wants to be a woman forever,” says Mr. Iota.

A woman temporarily becomes a mother when she gives birth to a child or there may be a woman who multitasks a mother and a woman at the same time. I mean if the little girl is raised to some extent, she becomes a woman. But if you have to take care of your husband, you will feel uncomfortable.

A man who asks a woman to play the role of mother, but a woman who wants to remain a woman pass each other, not just parallel lines. So how do they get along? It’s best to treat each other as they wish.

Think of your husband as a friend and stay close with him. It seems that the secret of a married couple is to enjoy their hobbies together and listen to their work as if they were dating. Like you ask often your child, “How was your school today?” Be concerned about what happened that day and ask him, “How was your work today?”

A man has a long story in public

It seems that men and women have different people who want to hear their stories.

Men have a desire to be recognized by the world, to influence many people, and to be respected, and basically want to have others listen to them. Public speeches, especially those in his area of expertise, tend to be lengthy.

Speak less to stay relax at home!

On the other hand, women have a desire to relieve stresses and empathize by speaking. So they want relatives to listen to the story. Therefore, the more willing you are, the more likely they are to talk longer.

It is no wonder that the couple’s conversations pass each other. However, I cannot say that, so even if you do not understand or get bored, just listen to your husband’s work.

If you did not try to talk, as I mentioned earlier like, “How was your job today?” By admiring and exaggerating, the husband can be chatty at home. The basic stance is support. In addition to compliments such as ‘as expected’ and ‘wow’, there are also times when you can honestly convey your impressions.

Even if it sounds like a nonsensical chat, the conversation about what happened today and what you felt about it gives you a hint of understanding each other. By accumulating this little communication, the couple will become able to understand each other.

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