Why Kamasutra is more feminist than it looks?

Why Kamasutra is more feminist than it looks?

Although it has never been intended to be a manifesto for gender equality, in some respects, Kamasutra is surprisingly ahead of its time. Kamasutra is more feminist than it looks like. Demonstration.

Would you read the Kamasutra in the subway? No, you would cover it with a kraft, as you did for Fifty Shades of Gray. Nothing to do, when you think Kama Sutra, you immediately visualize a manual listing all sexual positions. And to see the number of books for him – The lesbian Kamasutra (La Musardine ed.), The anti-Kamasutra, Clara Morgane’s Kamasutra. Hard to imagine it’s something else.

Error yet the Kamasutra is a Hindu treatise etiquette lovers. Attributed to Vatsyayana and written between the VI E  and VIIe  centuries – whose subject is not only sex but all that is private life. More progressive and feminist than it looks.

1 Because it sends waltz patriarchy

What? A manual that explains how to find a husband and keep it would be feminist? In some ways, yes. In fact, the cult book is nothing more than an analysis of the interactions between men and women, whether they live in sin or not. What we do not say enough is that in addition to learning how to keep a husband, the Kamasutra also learns how to deceive him. Proof that at a time more “Manif for All” than “Woman Liberated”, the book did not yield to the archetype of the good wife, the good mother and the good jug (it is even she who has to hold finances in the couple). The author encourages young girls to study the book in their early youth. When we think that in 2018, we still do not have clitoral representation in all textbooks. And pass on the knowledge to those who do not know not read. 

2 Because it advocates sexual freedom

When we know what place feminine pleasure occupies in India today. It is hard to believe that Kamasutra can defend total sexual freedom for women. But Vatsynya refused the idea of ​​a sexual act who’s sole purpose was procreation. For him, one of the things that differentiate us from animals is precisely the fact of having sex outside periods of fertility. Just for fun, then. Better, women who do not find their partner up to it are encouraged to leave. When widows, let them remarry. Not to avoid ending old girls, but to fulfill their sexual desires, as natural as those of men. The latter have to consider the needs of their wives first. The description of what constitutes the climax of female pleasure is also very explicit: “When his eyes roll”. A fantastic vision but the important thing is that it’s ladies first. BAM.

3 Because it is in tune with the times

To put things in context, at the time when Kamasutra is in development. In Europe, we still speak of “stink of lust”. This means that the climate was not very progressive. In the midst of these homophobic puritans, the Kamasutra is very liberal. Actually, Kamasutra is more feminist. Science consider female and male homosexuality as a natural aspect of sexual life (cuckoo Ludovine de la Rochère). And for all other, it is also an open bar. And if the Kamasutra has never had a feminist inclination, the number of works testifies that it is more relevant than ever. At a time when sexual violence is struggling to be really taken seriously, a quick re-reading of Kamasutra would not hurt those who stammer with the consent and still speak of “uncontrollable sexual urges”.

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