How can Kamasutra sex positions improve your relationship?

How can Kamasutra sex positions improve your relationship?

Kamasutra can be called for covenants about men and women. Also their cooperation and their relationship with each other. Often kamasutra is only related to sex, but it’s more than that. The Ancient Guide to Love Ideas also teaches men and women how to marry and claim happiness. Among it, Kamasutra sex positions. The peacekeeping team is not intended to be used solely to satisfy human desires.

We have selected some of the Kamasutra sex positions from this ancient summary. It will help you better share the level of closeness you share with your partner.

The Swimmer Position

 – A woman lies on her stomach with her legs apart. The weapon will be up above your head like a swimmer making butterflies. The man laid on top of her. For a tighter fit, a woman can move her legs close.

The Gymnast Position

 – As the name implies, requires the status of acrobatic abilities. The woman lay on her back, bending her knees up towards her head. While the man kneels to hug her and hold her hips in support.

The Wrestler Status

– In the silent ceremony, the couple stood on their sides and turned to each other. The woman cut her legs through him. After that, the woman tries to grind against the pelvis in slow circular motion.

The Weightlifter Position

 – In this standing position, the woman bends close to the wall with her hands on the wall for additional support. The man receives her from behind and begins the act of love with the prelude. The woman can move her back closer to and from the man’s chest to help him in search of love.

Diver Position

– The operation starts during the normal suppression time. The woman turns to the man’s right in the act. So that his arms are behind her on the left side of his body. The trick is timing, which stimulates the couple.

Star Status

– The woman lies on her back with one leg bent while her other leg lies flat on the ground. The man sits between his legs and pushes his leg under her to lift her hip and start the live show.

Lotus Blossom Postition 

– In the ceremony, the man sits in a cross and the woman sits on him with his feet around him in the waist. The husband helps his partner move his hips with his hands for pleasure.

You may not have enough tricks at your disposal to improve your love life. In that situation, turning to Kamasutra is one of the best ideas. The aforementioned Kamasutra sex positions not only improves sex but also creates one’s body and creates one’s mind – making one more emotional.

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