Why do men send “Dick Pics”?

Why do men send “Dick Pics”?

At a time when even our sex lives have become virtual, the “dick pics”, including penis pictures, have become commonplace even when no one ask for them. Difficult to know for what purpose men send dick pics. American scientists have just clarified the mystery.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, there are still some of which we would have spent. In a few years, the dick pics (photos of penis) have become precious, until becoming a weapon of seduction to eyes of some. Moreover, recent studies show that most men send dick pics have no trouble sending pictures of their anatomy. Whether the recipients are willing or not, they will send them.  

According to a survey by dating site, 53% of women have already received a photo of penis and 47% of men admitted to having already sent one. 
A team of American scientists who has just published his first results in the journal ‘The Journal of Sex Research’. To understand this sudden craze for dick picks, the experts analyzed the attitude of some 1,087 men aged 16 to 75 years. And their results are irrefutable. A third of the men confessed they did so “in the hope that the person will want to have sex”. Half “in the hope of receiving the same kind of image in return” and one in four because he is “proud of the appearance of his penis and wants to share it with others”. 
More to the point, half are convinced that the recipient will get excited. One in five men feels that “it is a normal way to flirt” or that “by sending enough, someone will eventually to respond favorably “. The implication, pictures of their penis, send them to several people at the same time. Another highlight: men who ship this kind of pictures tend to be more sexist and more narcissistic than others. 

The authors of the study specify that “the technological revolution ensures great anonymity, a condition that increases the probability of adopting sexualized behaviors, especially among men”. Moreover, half of the male interviewee admits having sent photos without anyone asking them. A strictly forbidden behavior in most of the countries, which can also be easily a sexual harassment. At the word. 

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