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Missionary is one of the most used sexual positions

Missionary is one of the most used sexual positions

The so-called missionary sex position represents a basic sexual position and is the one most commonly used during sexual intercourse.

Basically, the woman is lying on her back, legs apart, and the man is lying at the top.

The reason for missionary sex position success with couples is that it is easy to achieve. It allows to feel at best the reactions of the partner and it offers a romantic face to face. It allows the two lovers to kiss and look at each other in the eyes.

There are a large number of possible positions during sex, however, of all, it is the most natural. Because it makes the best use of the anatomical dispositions of the genitals of both partners.

The history of the missionary position

From a historical point of view, it seems that the expression “missionary sex position” originates from the indigenous peoples. During the evangelization of their country by the Catholic Church, they would have seen the missionaries adopt this position during sexual intercourse. Note that at the time, the position of the man on the woman, face to face, was the only one admitted by the Catholic Church. This is because according to her, it would promote fertilization and protect the baby from diseases birth.

This position of the man above and the woman below was already present in the Kama sutra. This was well before the arrival of the missionaries in the countries of the South Seas. It took place  in the Ananga Ranga of India and the fragrant garden of Tunisia under different names.

Kallyana Malla wrote The Ananga Ranga in the sixteenth century. It is a “sex education treaty for the use of husbands” and the fragrant garden is an Arabic erotology manual of Sheikh Nefzaoui.

The vision of the two protagonists

Generally, many of us ask the opinion of a man on the position of the missionary. the answer tends that man likes this position above the woman because it gives him a position of dominant. It can thus control the penetration as well as the speed of the movements of back and forth as the level of penetration. The face-to-face imposed by this configuration allows him to see perfectly the reactions of his partner to the movements he performs. Nothing more exciting for him to see the pleasure he can give his girlfriend!

  1. Women are more divided on this position of the missionary. A number of them like this position of the man lying above. Because it allows almost total contact between the two bodies. A contact that other sexual positions can not offer. Their hands are also free to touch and stroke their lover’s body during penetration. Buttocks, back, shoulders, they can touch, caress, catch and if they wish they can also stimulate their own clitoris for  enjoyment.

Others, on the other hand, do not like this position. Because it does not offer them enough freedom of movement to their liking. It can also quickly become uncomfortable according to the weight of their lover.

This face-to-face which men appreciate and some women can quickly become embarrassing. Because they do not like to be looked at when they take pleasure. Their partner’s gaze makes them uncomfortable and interferes with their ability to let go.

You should note, however, that the position of the missionary strict sense does indeed offer little possible movement for the woman. When she’s lying on her back and the man is completely lying above her. But often the man, to relieve his partner, kneels more than it elongates and the woman can choose the inclination of her pelvis and the degree of opening of her legs.

The benefits or not of this position

The position of the missionary by the arrangement of the two bodies facilitates coital alignment. Indeed, when the man is on the feet of his partner the hips, pubic and gender are in constant contact. This allows exciting the clitoris during penetration. For women who need to stretch their muscle to enjoy, then this position is ideal.
However the weight of the partner can quickly become oppressive for the partner who is below.

During the movements back and forth in this position of the missionary, the penis of the man is very active. This allows him to reach orgasm fairly quickly, which is not really the case for the female partner.

Attention: For men who tend to ejaculate too quickly this position is to  avoid. It will be very difficult for them to control their ejaculation.

Finally, it is important to specify that this position is not the most suitable when the woman is pregnant. It is preferable at this time of life to choose positions in which the woman can control the penetration and will not have to bear the weight of the partner.

Very popular with the French, this position of the missionary is mainly enjoyable at the beginning of sexual life. Over time it often becomes for the couple a transitional position or precedent enjoyment.

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