Morning erection as evidence of good penis health

Morning erection as evidence of good penis health

An irritating morning erection, physiological theories, a broader view of morning lovemaking, and we won’t miss a woman. Strong hormonal cocktail. Does morning erection have any deeper meaning, and is it good to take care of it?

Why do men get morning erections?

During the sleep REM phase, in which the wake-up occurs most often, the hormone noradrenaline is not washed out and therefore does not watch our eruptive bodies to remain intact. Okay, but what’s next?

There are many theories about what happens in sleep one full third of life, and there are many theories why men have a regular morning erection.

It is indisputable that the body regenerates and even grows in sleep during youth. It also saves energy and supports intellectual and memory functions. Concerning hormones, including testosterone and the mentioned norepinephrine, scientists are investigating how a person is affected by one of the hormones in his sleep and, on the other hand, how his sleep affects the production of other hormones.

Erection - not just the morning

Although elevated levels of male testosterone hormone peak in the morning, the penis regularly rises several times during the night as sleep phases alternate. Heart beats slowly, muscles relax, blood pressure low, digestion works as it should. The body seemed to exercise and strengthen the muscles of the male limb. Such a regular exercise, you might say.

This reflection on morning erection is supported by the ontogenetic theory, which says that in REM-sleep the organism trains the movement patterns that a person has genetically given and which it then needs to operate immediately without a long exercise.

What does the morning erection of the penis do?

Men know theirs and would rather wake them up in the morning without erection rather than erect cock. They would be worried about their sexual function, their health.

Morning erection, as a normal body reaction, leaves them calm in this direction. Everything is as it should be. They feel rested and full of the power nature has given them to beget children, and, as we will see, even to maintain a family bond. Naturally, their morning desire is a woman.

What does morning love make to a man?

First of all, it starts the metabolism, it charges energy for quite a long time. And not only that. Excluded endorphins cause a sense of happiness.

Even the immune system will become more resilient, as researchers at Wilkes University have found in research involving 112 college students about increasing immunoglobulin A levels depending on sexual intercourse.

What about the woman and your morning erection?

The woman is not surprised by the morning erection partner. But just staying there would be a shame. Yes, in the morning the woman looks more at the bathroom, the toothbrush, the comb, the favorite cream and perfume, and in her head solves what to wear today. But she would also be apter in the morning.

After all, not only men benefit from morning sex, they do well to women, and most importantly, both partners after him start their working day more cemented, more fastened, happier.

Oxytocin - the hormone of love and trust

Oxytocin is released several times higher during orgasm and its activity is wide. It affects many body processes. At this point, we are interested in its impact on social behavior, parental behavior, stress. That is, how it helps in partnering.

It really helps sexual partners. It evokes deeper feelings of intimacy, promotes trust and empathy.

Morning erection is here for both

Morning erection in a man speaks to both man and woman. Her expression will certainly not just go into it and quickly from it. After love games, not only the perception of the partner changes, but also the view of the wider surroundings.

In the opinion of Dr. Amanda Denes of the University of California, there is one more thing. Increased levels of oxytocin significantly increase feelings of safety. Therefore, after orgasm, partners are more open to each other and are able to say things they had not dared to.

Interesting evidence of oxytocin action

Neuroendocrinologist Sue Carter researched the brain of the field vole in the 1970s at the University of Illinois. She was interested in the cause of their unusual partner loyalty. When their oxytocin receptors were blocked in the course of their research, the voles changed their behavior. Instead of taking care of their offspring, they began to mate freely and stopped forming strong bonds.

The union of man and woman at the beginning of the day may have its deeper meaning. It is a source of pleasant physical and mental feelings. It is a source of information that says, “Today we can do it together, we are two in shape and enough.”

One of the basic tasks of men and women is to bring children into the world. Despite the discomfort, lack of opportunities, struggle for survival. And it must be beautiful, because the next one, about pregnancy and children, is from a completely different cask.

When an erection strikes

Sexual functionality is a fundamental issue for all men. If it fades or even disappears, they feel it as a disaster. On the other hand, there is no need to regard King Solomon, who had to permanently fortify his seven hundred wives and three hundred concubines, as an unrivaled role model.

According to some researches, it is optimal once a week. Fortunately, insufficient erection often goes hand in hand with factors that a man can influence. According to andrologist Karel Kočí, bad or miserable lifestyle is usually to blame. So you just want to.

How to get your penis back in shape?

Associate Professor Darius Paduch of Weill Cornell Medical College in New York has reported many cases where gentlemen have changed their lifestyles and within three years their sexual function has been corrected. These men did nothing extraordinary.

Their efforts included a diet change to reduce weight and lower cholesterol. They also ensured the possibility of abundant sleep and rest. They then increased their testosterone levels by physical activity. As far as alcohol is concerned, they restricted their high intake.

Rhythmic model

Adam Neurologist and University Professor of Northwestern University, Adam Safron, came up with an interesting functional pattern – rhythm affects brain activity.

His sexual model can be compared to listening to music when the brain joins her as if singing with her. In sex it is similar. The brain responds to the rhythm of sexual activity and synchronizes with its rhythm. Other stimuli are suppressed and the mind gets into a state of ecstasy that leads to orgasm.

Professor Safron is convinced that if people focus on the rhythmic aspect of sex during sex, they can improve their sex life.

Wrapping up!

Thus, after complicated and costly scientific experiments, modern science realizes that love, touching, cuddling and hugging are not just for temporary pleasure. They greatly help to maintain health, create quality partnerships, maintain family stability and ensure the smooth functioning of the whole human society at all.

So looking at the morning erection as an impulse that would bring us closer to these values ​​is not that bad.

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