Benefits Of Penis Massage!

Benefits Of Penis Massage!

Increasing penis size is a fairly common topic in male virility forums. Among the topics that help to enlarge your penis is the massage!

In a man, the size of the penis is not always the same, whether at rest or when erect. While most men are born with a normal-sized penis, others can’t be satisfied with it, become complex and want to enlarge it at all costs. Some men feel that the size of their penis affects their sexual performance and this becomes a major obsession. There are different ways to increase penis size and performance. You can choose between internal and external methods of penis enlargement. With penis massage, you will be able to achieve amazing results in no time at all. Explanation!

What is penile massage?

Penile massage is a natural technique that consists of increasing the size of the penis, including the circumference. It also strengthens the libido and improves the quality of the erection. For it to be effective, it must be performed correctly. This method allows you to obtain a few more centimeters both in the length of your sex and in its circumference. Generally, people who go for pills need to know that penis enlargement pills cannot work alone. They need to be boosted with penis exercises, and penile massage is the best alternative available to you!

The benefits of penile massage on penis circumference increase

In one week, you will already be able to feel the results of your efforts. If you practice it for several weeks, you will see that your penis has grown and that the quality of your erection has really improved as you wish. This is because, in order to achieve such a result, it is important to have a sufficient amount of blood reaching your penis. That’s why this massage is ideal for increasing the size and girth of your penis.

The massage also helps you to have a better sexual performance because the amount of blood flowing into your penis is much greater. You should be aware that women appreciate wider genitals more than longer ones. According to a study conducted by scientists, the ideal size for women is about 16cm in length and 12cm in circumference. If you are considering increasing the size of your penis, you should choose circumference over length.

How can I enlarge my penis with the penile massage?

We recommend that you do it yourself, in the morning in the shower or when you masturbate so as not to interrupt your foreplay with your partner.

For the massage to be effective, you must massage the area at the bottom of your penis when you are erect. Your gestures should help increase blood flow to your sex. The massage should be carried out gently from the top to the bottom of your penis for two minutes, before continuing to the testicles. You should then massage the sides of your penis, then the lower part and then the upper part. Each massage should be performed for 4 to 5 minutes. During the session, avoid ejaculating only after 30 minutes of masturbation.

You must learn to delay your orgasm as long as possible for the massage to be more effective. By performing this method three times a week, you are sure to have a better erection (much firmer and longer-lasting) and a much larger penis.

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