How To Protect Yourself From Rape

How to protect yourself from rape or sexual assault when you are alone

If we compare it to other violent crimes, rape is a dangerous form of crime. Despite the fact that the offender encroaches on the sexual freedom of a woman, rape is by no means a crime  of passion. This is, first and foremost, violence, coarse, cruel violence, aiming at humiliating the victim, showing his superiority over her. We write this article to help you protect yourself from rape. Violence, sometimes radically transforming the life and fate of the victim. A.F. Koni, describing rape as a crime, pointed out. “Where there is rape, there is reckless imprudence, there is the absence of any feeling and one cruelty, evil sensuality, one animal passion.” The threat of rape is everyday stress that accompanies a modern girl, a woman through life. 

According to criminological research, the actual number of rapes exceeds three to four times the number of official assaults. This is largely due to the total distrust of the victims in the existing authorities. In many respects – with the existing stupid stereotypes of public consciousness, which consider the girl who experienced rape defiled in the eyes of her entourage.

Rape by strangers is a rare occurrence, despite the widespread notion of a sex stranger maniac. Such attacks are by individuals aged 20-25 years acting alone . As a rule, familiar victims committed. Two-thirds of the victims were familiar with the rapist. 22% met on the day the crime happened. Persons under 21 years of age account for approximately two-thirds of rapists (as well as victims). The highest criminal activity is remarkably in minors of 16-17 years. Moreover, it is they who most often commit crimes (in most cases, unfortunately, group crimes) against peers who have known them for a long time.

Statistics show that most rape takes place in May-September in the evening. (although in large cities the peak of rape may occur in September-October). The crime scene in about one-third of the cases is the apartment, in the remaining cases – parks, squares, attics, basements, elevators, non-residential buildings. It would be completely wrong to say that victims of crime always provoke rapists. At the same time, frivolous behavior of victims (drinking alcohol with a future rapist, trips with unfamiliar people to strange places, to an apartment, a summer residence) is noted in about two-thirds of cases of rape. We note immediately that a woman does not have the right to blame herself for becoming a victim of a crime. In any situation, rape is a crime whose fault lies only with the rapist.

A program for the prevention of rape by teaching potential victims the rules of safe behavior. It tells how to protect yourself from rape. It takes place in modern countries and includes a complex of social measures. Help from neighbors, building home patrols, installing alarm systems in each apartment, creating crisis centers for victims of rape, training special lawyers, creating systems help for pregnant women. And also a set of measures to ensure personal safety. However, if the first one we see only on television in Santa Barbara. Sometimes hearing about the deployment of a network of crisis centers in Moscow. Then observing and mastering the rules of safe behavior in case of possible violent sexual contacts is a vital necessity.

We, dear women and girls, recommend :

1. Some techniques to protect yourself from rape:

· Be careful and responsible when choosing friends. If you do not have a hypertrophied desire for risk, then avoid to meet unfamiliar drunken men in the evening.

· Choose your friends among the people with whom you study, work, spend free time.

· Politely refuse the invitation of a stranger to visit entertainment venues, a cafe, a restaurant. Choose your own meeting places. Avoid meeting with unfamiliar, and even more so with a company of men in parks and squares, abandoned buildings. Or cabins, attics, in summer cottages.

· Strongly refuse the offer to go into the apartment of a stranger. Regardless of the pretext under which it is done (to purchase scarce things, listen to music, watch videos, etc.).

· Do not drink alcohol in unfamiliar companies. Refuse a date if you yourself had drunk alcohol before or your friend was intoxicated.

· It is prudent to refuse the offer of a stranger to bring you home by car. Especially in the evening. It is much safer to get home by taxi or public transport.

· Do not accept invitations of a stranger to take you home. You and your family may be in danger.

· When you are going to visit a party, warn friends (parents) about where you will spend time and in which company. Leave the phone number of the apartment in which you will be. Arriving in an unfamiliar apartment, look around, remember the location of rooms, doors, locks, the location of the phone. In a word, you should be ready to leave the apartment at any moment of danger.

· When dealing with an unfamiliar man, exclude the vulgar tone and have appropriate behavior in dealing with yourself. You should always be treated with respect.

· In all cases of communication alone with an unfamiliar man, be vigilant and be prepared for self-defense. If a man, left alone with you, closes the door of the room with a key – be doubly careful, demand to open the door, and if you refuse, immediately call for help. If the path to the doors is cut off, use a heavy object (chair, vase, etc.) to smash the glass in the window or pop out onto the balcony, attracting the attention of passers-by, neighbors.

· In case they try to force you into intimacy, do not give in to the requirements of a man if you do not want to. Use the means of psychological influence: in a firm and decisive tone, demand that you stop the attempt at violence, say that you are sick, expect the arrival of any acquaintances, parents, etc. To resume, take time to neutralize the situation. Apply these tips and you will protect yourself from rape. Any delay in time can lead to a change in environment.

2. Some techniques to protect yourself from rape by strangers:

If you live alone …

· Do not stay up late at a party. If this happens, find an opportunity to call home, your neighbors, so that they will meet you at the house / at the bus stop.

· If possible, outsiders should not know about your loneliness. Do not give any personal information about yourself by phone.

· Install or strengthen additional locks and a chain on the front door, equip the windows and windows with special locks (bars).

· When you are at home in the evenings, be sure to close the curtains so that it is impossible to view your room from the street.

· Do not let strangers into the house.

· Get ​​a dog to guard the house (apartment) and defend against the attack of strangers.

· Exchange phones with neighbors in case of emergency assistance.

On the street…

· Try not to go outside alone late at night. When walking alone (especially in the evening), hold in your hands something that can be used as a tool to prevent an attack (spray can, keys to the apartment, an umbrella).

· Walk only on crowded, well-lit streets. Beware of walks in isolated, unlit, deserted alleys, parks, underpasses. Go around places that seem dangerous to you.

· Do not trust and especially do not talk with strangers. Be vigilant and when answering a question, stay at a sufficient distance from the stranger.

· If you often have to walk along the evening streets, learn self-defense techniques, purchase a gas can and learn how to use it (see below for more on this).

· Another technic to protect yourself from rape. Wear clothing that is comfortable to move around and unrestrained your activity. Comb your long hair up so that it cannot be wound on your hand.

· Carry a whistle with you, but so that the cord from it is not thrown around your neck.

· Approaching the car, before boarding, check the back seat and the floor of the car (an attacker can hide there).

· Close all doors when you are driving alone in a car.

· Never pick up “voting” strangers (especially men).

· Once in an unfamiliar city, do not use the invitation of dubious persons to spend the night with them. Better to stay in the station or airport building.

· If you notice that a car is following you, go to the other side of the road or change direction. Rapists often use a car as bait. Therefore, returning from guests alone, ask your friends to write down the number of the car in which you got into. Try to keep your loved ones always aware of your whereabouts in order to protect yourself from rape.

3. If you were attacked …What to do to protect yourself from rape:

· Try not to lose your head. Appreciate the situation and your own opportunities for resistance. A scream, a squeal, links to an illness, an imitation of nausea, and finally, active physical resistance can help you. By exercising your right to the necessary defense, you can use any item to injure the rapist. Please note, however, that if you are not a specialist in martial arts, then any resistance to an armed rapist is unreasonable and may increase the risk of bodily harm.

· Try to get people’s attention if possible. If not, try to enter into negotiations with the criminal, to dull his vigilance in order to escape, to appeal to his feelings, etc.

· If something irreparable happened, immediately leave the scene of the crime and the rapist (enter a lit public place, close in an isolated room). Be sure to contact the police without wasting time: do not throw out clothes, do not take a bath, shower before conducting a medical examination. By doing so, you will save the evidence necessary to expose and prosecute the perpetrator.

· Be sure to ask for help from friends, relatives, neighbors. In no case do not remain alone, especially in the first hours after a criminal assault.

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