Sexual Violence
Protection Against Sexual Abuse And Harrasment

Protection Against Sexual Abuse And Harrasment

The greatest sexual abuse to a woman is presented by persons excited by alcohol and acting according to their mood, rather than sober sexual maniacs who specifically go hunting. They can rape in your own apartment, in a car and even in the winter in the snow. Teens are especially dangerous. They are aggressive and prone to sadism. Especially if they gather in a group and are intoxicated.

The sexual abuse may be sudden or occur in the form of harassment, becoming increasingly rude. In the latter case, the offender gradually enters into a state of agitation. He also finds out the defensive capabilities of the victim. If the offender is trying to lead or drag you to another place and promises that in case of obedience you will not suffer, do not believe him. In fact, the place where he drags you is more convenient for him to commit a crime. You better give a fight where you are, or move to where there is a greater likelihood of getting protection. When circumstances allow you to hope for outside help, your energetic resistance and screaming can stop the attacker. Sometimes it’s possible to turn away the attacker, giving the face an ugly grimace, causing vomiting on his clothes, etc.

– If the criminal grabbed you in front, you need to hit him harder with your forehead in the face. Preferably on the nose. If he grabbed you from behind, you should try to hit him in the face with the back of your head. (your head will not really hurt with such a blow, and the opponent may be left without front teeth or with a broken nose).

– In case the sexual abuse maker grabbed you by the front of the hair and bends your head down. In this way, you must give in, kneel down and, grabbing the opponent’s knees, push him with your head.

– If the criminal grabbed you in the front of the throat. The best answer is to punch him in the nose. You can also hit him with palms simultaneously on both ears.

– In case a criminal who begins his harassment appears in front of you at about the distance of his outstretched arm. Then try hitting him in the eye with a pencil, key or simply the phalanx of your bent thumb. A milder technique in such a situation is to spray the attacker with aerosol perfume in the eyes. This will cause him difficulty and pain, and you can win a few seconds for other actions. 

70% of women who resist a sexual abuse avoid rape. The likelihood of surviving is more in the event of a rebuff to the rapist, and not in the event of a concession. Since if he realizes his intention, he will have a serious reason to ensure that the victim could not testify against him.

If sexual abuse seems inevitable (screaming, resisting, running to no avail), and the attacker is alone, the following tactics are acceptable. Tell the rapist you have gonorrhea or AIDS. He will not believe this, but his desire may be somewhat less. Do not threaten the rapist with the police, otherwise he will want to kill you so that you do not testify against him. Imitate the assignment in cold blood. If the enemy kisses you on the lips, bite off his lip. If his cheek, neck or ear is reachable, grab your teeth vigorously and pull out a piece. An rapist with injury will urgently need medical attention. It will be easier for the police to find him by the wounds on his face. 

Be swift and merciless. Do not warn, act suddenly. An indecisive or unsuccessful first-time action will betray your intentions. The attacker will use tougher tactics. Short hair, lack of earrings and neck ornaments, low heels facilitate wrestling. Short-cropped nails are convenient, among other things. In that they allow you to sensitively scratch the enemy without the risk of breaking them off. If you scratch his face, then not his cheeks, because they are not very sensitive to pain. Better scratch his eyes. Even a small point, such as the tips of manicure scissors, being stuck in an attacker in the throat, is likely to completely disable him or even make urgent medical attention necessary for him.

Typically, the victim does not use particularly brutal tricks against the attacker for fear that these tricks may not work. An attempt to use them will embitter the criminal. In addition, every normal person has a moral barrier preventing the manifestation of cruelty, even if it is cruelty for self-defense. Half of the victims of sexual assault have temporary paralysis from fear. This greatly facilitates the implementation of the intentions of the attacker. The solution here is to preconfigure yourself for the possibility of this test. Mentally work through the various actions of the attacker and your defensive techniques. Nothing will prevent you from winning, except your mental weakness.

Often the rapist is not a person completely unknown to the victim and is not perceived by her as an enemy against whom any means are suitable, and this also hinders effective defense. 70% of those experienced rape are victims of people they know. (and 20% were raped on the first day they met). To avoid rape, you should not take any signs of attention from people with whom there is no desire to establish a closer relationship. Usually, a man perceives favor as a flirtation. If he manages to significantly spend money on courtship, he believes that he has the right to receive compensation. If a woman agrees to go to a restaurant with a man, he believes that she is aware of what the business is for, and her subsequent resistance to his harassment is perceived by him as a ritual game.

To avoid sexual assault, you should not walk alone on the streets in the evening. Especially with a sexually appealing appearance. To get in the car with strangers, enter into conversations with unfamiliar men, and even more so flirting. Women are led by a desire to like, and many women have no idea how much sexual attraction is sometimes manifested in men. If you are afraid that someone is tracking you on a street, gradually speed up your step, go to the other side of the street to check. Confirming your suspicion, rush to where you can hope for help. If a car is braking near you and you feel threatened. Then you need to run away in a direction that is opposite to the direction of its movement. (so that the driver has to turn around).

A few recommendations to avoid sexual abuse for women who drive a car. Park in well-lit and not too crowded places. To get into your car, go up to it quickly, inspecting the parking lot and holding a ready key in your hand. Before you get into the salon, make sure that there is nobody there. When driving around the city, keep the doors locked.  The window is not so open that you can grab you with your hand in the passenger compartment. Inspect the area before getting out of the car. If the car breaks down, refuse the help of people who do not inspire confidence in you. Only the elderly and people with young children are completely safe.

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