Is pubic hair good for your health?

Pubic hair is good for health

A recent US study has shown that removing pubic hair would have no impact on the spread of STIs. Such as gonorrhea or chlamydia. This could be an answer for if the pubic hair is good for health. Good news? Not necessarily, because if you have hair on the sex, it’s for good reasons. These are the ones.

Metro ticket, the Brazilian or full, the type of hair removal of his jersey depends on each. For several years, with the culture of porn, many women preferred the integral. According to a 2018 study, 45% of women under 25 years old would opt for a smooth sex. And yet! This type of hair removal would not necessarily be good for your health. It would facilitate the spread of sexually infections (STIs). At fault ? Micro-lesions on the skin that would facilitate infections and the hot and humid environment.

Nevertheless, recently an American study has partly questioned this fact. Conducted at Ohio State University by a former public health student, she demonstrates that there is no link between full-body hair removal and the risk of contracting chlamydia or gonorrhea. Attention, this would not apply to other STIs such as herpes or HIV, which, for once, would be more easily contracted if you have sex shaved … However, if you never really support the the idea of ​​keeping your pubic hair , it would be better to wait 24 hours after a hair removal or shave session to limit the infection of micro-lesions.

Be careful though, because it is not an exact science and it is healthy to keep a minimum of hair on her sex. Asked by the American version of Cosmopolitan, the dermatologist Viselav Tonkovic-Capin assures that they are not there for nothing. “There is a reason why we evolved with hair on sex because it reduces the risk of  infections transmission,” he said. And, finally, distrust, shaving your hair or shaving it would not protect you against crabs either. So, let go of the ballast and enjoy the coming winter to leave your hair still.

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