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Sexual Activities During The Quarantine For Couples

Sexual Activities During The Quarantine For Couples

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, you may be wondering if it’s still safe to have sex during your quarantine. Long story short, you are safe. Below is a list of resources and recommendations to keep yourself and your significant other safes during this pandemic.

One of the questions you may ask is: Can COVID-19 be sexually transmitted? The short answer is there is no evidence that COVID-19 is spread through semen or vaginal secretion. COVID-19 is spread through droplets so even if you don’t kiss your partner, you are still breathing around each other. If you live with your partner, it doesn’t matter if you are having sex or not. If anyone is experiencing symptoms, you are at risk.

What if you are dating and don’t live with your partner? Or casually dating? The same rules apply. You are putting yourself and others around you at risk if someone becomes affected.

Check out Amanda Pasciucco, an AASECT certified sex therapist and owner of Life Coaching and Therapy YouTube video as she navigates Couples Having Sex During Quarantine

What about relationships without sex? What about couples that were on the verge of divorce but have had plans delayed because of the quarantine? Statistics have shown we can have a surge of Covidivorces or Coronababies, depending on the statuses of most relationships. Realize it’s okay to say no during the quarantine, no matter how bored your partner may be. At this time, we need to be there for each other.

In Dr. Oz’s words: When you’re holed up with your partner, the best solution is to have sex. You’ll live longer and rid yourself of tension. It’s better staring at each other than getting on each other’s nerves. Plus this will give you time to focus on your partner’s desires on a more intimate level. Kissing is the highest risk of contracting the virus. Oral sex is the safest as your faces aren’t near each other.

For our more adventurous couples or people dating, try video chatting with your partner or potential partner. Most dating apps are used for in person meetings. This may be a time to test video calls, seductive selfies, dirty talk, etc. Or try out some of the newest sex gadgets, visiting virtual-reality strip clubs, attending online sex parties or even searching Pornhub for your own fetishes.

Or check out: (Quarantine Sex Challenge) #quarantinesexchallenge to see what type of challenges you and your party can come up with.

What happens if you stop having sex or have it less frequently? With Regular sex you can help your body fight off illness, so having it less often might lead to more colds. If you have sex one or more times a week you are shown to have higher levels of a certain antibody (called immunoglobulin A) that plays an important role in your immune system.

In conclusion, you don’t have to have a partner to be sexual. Self-pleasure is one of the most underrated activities a person can do. Especially for women who may not feel comfortable with their bodies. Most sex therapists would tell a woman to grab a mirror and really look at your vagina. Not all vaginas are alike but pay attention to the detail of yours. Your vagina may have gone through changes from your monthly cycle, childbirth or surgery. Learn what turns you on, what sensations you feel, as you can assist your partner for a more pleasurable experience. The same goes for men. Self-pleasure can also include massages, oils, tantra, etc. 

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