Morning sex: 10 good reasons for sex in the morning

Sex in the morning is a very intimate affair - and that's why it's so beautiful. There is no alcohol, you are sober and in your right mind, there is no big fanfare, no make-up, no perfume, no romantic candlelight. Only her two - unvarnished and genuine.

Sex in the morning is popular. According to a recent UK study, the majority of respondents preferred Sunday morning at nine to raking the sheets. No wonder, after all, morning sex is the perfect wake-up device and there are no annoying appointments waiting for us at the weekend. But sex in the morning can be even more …

That's why we love sex in the morning

♥ Wake up

Beep beep beep – what a terrible noise in the early morning! Who wants to be ripped from a deep sleep by a shrill alarm? Then rather a gentle kiss and a few strokes to wake up. The released endorphins not only make you happy but also awake. Who needs coffee there?

♥ Do not worry, be happy

Good morning dear worries, are you all there …? No. Shortly after waking up, cuddled up in a warm blanket, everyday problems, stress and pressure are still a long way off. We have the head free and can totally concentrate on our loved ones and just enjoy the moment.

♥ He is ready

Early in the morning, the man’s testosterone level is at its peak. The sex hormone controls the male lust and thus ensures that he is full of energy and ready to go. But not only your sweetheart, but even his best piece is also often ready in the morning for a quick number – and thanks to the 25% higher testosterone concentration even more stable. By the way: At noon, the testosterone level drops and reaches its lowest point in the evening.

♥ No disruptive factors

No tight jeans, from which you have to peel out laboriously, no annoying bra, the jams, and hooks … A sleep shirt, however, is wonderfully easy to take off. Are you a nude sleeper? All the better! First of all, that’s healthier and secondly an invitation to sex in the morning.

♥ Mattress sport instead of work-out

Instead of torturing yourself in the morning on the stepper or while jogging, you can simply replace your morning exercise with lustful morning sex. You also boost the circulation in this type of workout, burn calories and fuel up for the day ahead – and it’s also fun.

♥ In the hormone rush

Endorphins, endorphins, endorphins – when we have sex in the morning (especially during orgasm ) we pour out a whole truckload of happiness hormones. This improves our mood and strengthens us emotionally. The effect lasts for about 24 hours. We have a lot of it all day long.

♥ Health

Having a number in the morning not only saps sorrow and worry, but it also strengthens our body’s defenses and improves blood circulation. No, not only in certain intimate parts of the body but also in the brain. This makes us more productive, more efficient and well prepared for a strenuous morning meeting in the office.

♥ “Afterglow Effect”

You know that for sure: After the sex, you want to hug the whole world, float like on clouds through the area and the facial expression just will not disappear. According to a Florida State University study, this so-called “afterglow effect” lasts up to 48 hours. This feeling of happiness strengthens the partnership and creates a great memory that will make you smile all day long.

♥ The proof of love

Sex in the morning is a very intimate affair – and that’s why it’s so beautiful. There is no alcohol, you are sober and in your right mind, there is no big fanfare, no make-up, no perfume, no romantic candlelight. Only her two – unvarnished and genuine.

♥ There is no excuse

It speaks so much for sex in the morning – and actually, do not mind! You are still too tired? Sex makes you awake! You do not stand on a musty morning breath? Chewing gum is a quick fix and otherwise, sex positions like the spoon or doggy style are ideal, where not much is kissed. Do you have no time? Just set your alarm clock 15 minutes earlier or put the partner directly under the shower and kill two birds with one stone. Morning sex is great, what are you waiting for ?!

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