Top sex positions: Sex in the bathroom

A shower and a bathtub are a great place to diversify your bed routine. So, like a car, the bathroom is an interesting place to diversify sex games. Whether it’s a sex bath or a shower, these places always offer new and interesting stimuli. And the opportunity to experience your partner in a new light.

Bath, as well as shower, offers a lot of fun. Its advantage is undoubtedly that you can be more relaxed before sex here. Hot water on the skin and fragrance foam bath. All of this will tune her up for amazing sex.

I have good experience with this type of sex myself. Warm water and a clean middle woman calm and tune to the right note. Sex in the bathroom is simply a different league and a different playground. Here are a few personally tested locations in the bathroom that are definitely worth a try.

Some recommendations for sex in the bathroom

  • For water games always have a lubricating gel at hand, water washes away largely natural lubrication. It is best to use one based on silicone or a silicone-water hybrid.
  • The bathroom environment is a very slippery place. In addition to your passion, think about your safety. Rubber mat in the bathtub is priceless.
  • Choose a suitable soap for your partner, preferably on a natural oil base
  • The combination of a shower stream for external stimulation and your internal penis will make the play in the bathroom a favorite pastime of your partner.
  • Check if any used toys are really waterproof.
  • Preparing time is definitely worth it. Candles, aroma lamp, massage oil champagne and something to tooth off.
  • In the bathtub, select the bath temperature not too hot but not too cold. Physiologically too hot water does not have the best effects on human health. Cold again for sex drive.
  • Certain bath products may be inappropriate for your partner and cause inflammation. Consult with her in advance. Avoid any problems.

Sex in the shower

It is a fact that film sex in the shower always looks amazing. There is a lot of steam everywhere and everything looks nice. The fact is that from my own experience I have experienced the opposite.

Little space. Sometimes you do not know where to put your hands and feet or even each other. Especially if you have a smaller shower. And what to talk about is sometimes a bit of a fight over who is enjoying the hot shower and who is standing outside and wither in winter outside the hot water impact zone .. 🙂 

Sex position in the shower: "Bend it"

Women love sex from behind. With the penis you reach completely different places than lying down. Take advantage of it!

You will love this position. She is very animal and passionate. Your partner bends over and grabs whatever is available in the shower. Care should be taken to hold it firmly. Because sex in the bathroom has one drawback. And here it glides everything around, just not the right places.

Personally, I like this position. It offers great access to the clit and amazing views. Remember to hold your partner firmly. If you want to irritate your partner even further, use a shower head to stimulate your partner.

The partner can tease herself or with your assistance. The shower stream can be used boldly in other positions and offers a ton of extra pleasure for the woman. You need to massage not only her clit, but also her buttocks, tummy, breasts or other places she likes.

Another variation: It is also possible to have your partner hug your neck and then lift one leg when positioning from behind. You can then achieve even deeper penetration. In addition, you are in close contact, which in combination with soaped bodies is an amazing feeling.

Standing sex face to face

This position is made for all the romantic people. Having sex and looking at each other in the eye is the best thing in the world. Occasionally, you may encounter a problem, where your partner is smaller than you.

In that case, do not be discouraged. Lift her up and press her against the wall while she holding around your neck and wrapping legs around you.

Another variation: The partner grabs around your neck. When you are tight, raise one of her leg. Then you will have great access. If your partner is flexible, you can put her foot on your shoulder. Thank God he created Ballerinas!

Playing a policeman and a detainee

This position requires a bit of acting and your dominance. Order her to face the wall. Then put her hands on the wall and spread her legs a bit. You are in full control of the situation here. She is in a submissive role. Then enter your penis from behind.

Women like dominant men. This method requires a harsher treatment, but always with emotion!

Hold her hands against the wall. Force her with your strength and weight. The coldness of the tiles and the sudden change in temperature will act as an aphrodisiac. Do not compromise in this position. You will see that she will like it. And she will want repetition.

Wild and wet ride

Soak up the bathtub about one third. All you have to do is save some crown. Then add the foam to the bath. Lie in the bathtub first with your legs outstretched and let your partner mount over you.

Then just enjoy a wild ride. You can admire the swaying breasts. You can also treat them with your hands or with a foam massage. Your partner will certainly appreciate this effort.

Another variation: A great variation of this position in the bathtub is when you lean comfortably in the bathtub. Your partner will get her back on you and she can you the shower head for even more pleasure.

Oral sex in the bathroom

The bathroom is perfect for this practice. For someone who starts or is not comfortable with oral sex, the bathroom is an ideal place to start. A clean environment and fragrance help to discard the restraint and feel comfortable.

My favorite position is when I put my partner on the edge of the tub and have great access to her clit. Here too, the shower and its miraculous effects can join the game. You just need to be careful, if you do not want more water in your mouth than something you really want.

Evening sex in the bathroom is amazing

Sex in the bathroom is absolutely amazing. I strongly recommend you to try sex in the bathroom in the evening. After finishing all the work having partner in the same bathtub is something else. Forget about the outside and release all the stress by making love with your partner. Enjoy the wet and wild love with your partner. 

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