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Best Sex Positions To Try In Car

Best Sex Positions To Try In Car

You will get easily bored if you insist every time to have sex in the bedroom. However, car sex has never really got old. It still has its thrilling and exciting side. If you are looking to upgrade your sex life and try something unique, here are the best sex car positions.

In case you don’t have a place where to have sex, your car would be the best place to do that. Or maybe you are so horny that you can not wait until you get home to begin your sex adventure.

Talking of adventure, there is no more exciting and thrilling adventure than having sex in a public place in your car. I don’t deny that sex in the car would be really funny, but it is still among activities that are illegal in public.

Depending on the reason why you have chosen the car to have sex, these 6 sex position will support you to get the best experience.

1. Horizontally on backseat

Everyone knows that you can lie down on your car’s back seats. So, horizontally, lie down in a way to face the front of the car and make your partner lying behind you in order he can penetrate you from your back.

Both of you can fit fine in the back seats in this position but it depends also on how much friction and sweat you produce. Yes, you can consider Jack and Rose from the titanic movie as an example. So you risk rolling into the ground.

To avoid this, place a pillow on the car floor or just push against the driver’s seat back with your hand to maintain position.

2. On top

Top hug sex position in car

This position works well in any seat of the car, driver, passenger or back seat.
It’s very intimate, and you get very close to your partner after mounting him like you are facing each other.

In case you feel tired doing all the work, don’t worry! It’s your partner’s turn to bounce you up and down. If you chose to make it on the driver seat, don’t forget to push it far enough from the steering wheel so you avoid the annoying horn-beeping.

3. Reverse cowgirl

Reverse cowgirl sex position in car

The position works very well in the back seat where you can find enough room for your legs. Make your partner laying down then straddle him while facing forward. Start bouncing up and down using the headrests of the front seats.

To get the most of this position, your partner has to stay low while you are sitting upright on top.

4. Upgraded missionary position

Upgraded missionary sex position

In this position, you have to raise your legs up. It is great to try it in the car because besides orgasm, it gives your partner more space so you won’t be squished. The vertical position of your leg allows you to take less space and give your partner more space to penetrate you, kneeling and thrusting.

It’s the perfect way to try something unique in the car.

5. Doggy style

Doggy position in car

This is the best position to try in the back seats. Actually, both you and your partner have the possibility to kneel on the seat. First, get on your hands and knees then it’s your partner’s turn to get on knees and start the penetration. You can use the center console as support. To hold your position in case you are tired, things get hot quickly, believe me, use your hand to lean against the window you are facing.

6. Oral in front seat

Front seat oral sex in car

In case all previous positions have failed or your partner is tired of the long way on the wheel, don’t miss this chance for the classic front seat oral. You could be bothered by the center console while you are getting into action. So don’t hesitate to take a break and move to the back seats. I advise you to never go down on your partner while driving. And don’t forget in any way that sex in public is already a risk so don’t make things worse.

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