10 sex tips from sexologists for long term couples

Sex tips from sexologists for long term couples!

SEXUALITY – When you are in a relationship for years, sex is not always spontaneous. Over the years, partners became used to each other and sex is only a practice they do during holidays. You will need sex tips for long term couples. Since they do not enjoy their times in bed like they used to do years ago.
It is something that sometimes has to work, even if, culturally, this idea is a bit difficult to admit. But in this case, partners have to react, they have to do something in order to change the situation. No one can support such life! 
Luckily, we made researches to bring to you ten of the best sex tips for long term couples that would help you to keep a happy sexual life with your partner.

“I do not really understand why we want sex to be spontaneous.  The fact is that most couples need all the conditions to make love, to be rested and relaxed.” says New York-based psychologist and sexologist Megan Fleming.

The good news is that there are some useful practices and ideas for more in-room sports. Here are some sex tips from our specialist and some of his colleagues, so without any further details, let’s get started.

1. Test new sensations again and again

“When you try new practices, relax and live the moment, try new things, start again and evaluate your feelings.
Give more space to the sensations that give you pleasure, while making some adjustments and trying new ones. things.” – Megan Fleming

2. Launch the idea of ​​a hug taking turns

“Too often, one of the partners has more desire to make love than the other. Which can, in the long run, cause a feeling of humiliation and guilt on the part of the initiator.” 
“The sex life in a couple would be more balanced if each partner proposed in turn to go frolic under the duvet.”  – Moushumi Ghose , sexologist and author of the book Classic Sex Positions Reinvented

3. Go to bed at the same time

“Going to bed at the same time as your partner is a ritual that strengthens the love relationship, the confidence on the pillow.” 
“And lying side by side while still awake, are more conducive to lovemaking.” 
– Laurel Steinberg, a psychotherapist specializing in sexual disorders.

4. Stop seeing sex as an obligation on your schedule

“I would like everyone to take the time to get up, to rest and to recharge their batteries so that they can be physically and emotionally available to enjoy sensual moments for two.”
“Many couples are overworked, stressed, and see sex as an obligation to get rid of their planning in order to be productive again ideally.” 
“Making love should be a moment of pure relaxation and pleasure, but in reality, you have to take the time to make yourself available. ” –
 Sari Cooper, graduate sexologist, sex coach and presenter of Sex Esteem, broadcast on the web.

5. See porn from another eye

“When porn is a problem for a couple, it’s not him who is responsible for it, but rather the secretiveness he creates.”
“My advice: give him a place in your relationship. A good way to provoke the excitement that leads to sexual desire.”
“Explore the different types of porn, as if you are zapping from one channel to another.” 
“You do not have to love everything you see. ” – Ian Kerner, sexologist and author of She Comes First: The Thinking Man’s Guide to Pleasuring a Woman, New York Times bestseller.

6. Talk about your most secret fantasies and desires

“Do not just discuss what you like to do in bed or your erogenous zones – find out if your partner wants to be dominated or dominant.
Know if you can go beyond conventional sexual behaviors ( the “conventional sex” ).
If more couples came to talk openly about their innermost desires and fantasies, their privacy would be strengthened, not to mention the excitement and sexual tension felt! ” – Moushumi Ghose

7. Sleep naked (at least from time to time).

“Sleeping naked at the side of your partner promotes skin to skin and allows you to feel even more your mutual excitement, which increases the chances of making love.” – Laurel Steinberg

8. Do not be afraid to talk about sex

“Many couples find it difficult to talk about sex in a positive and direct way, and in therapy, I often have to teach them how to talk about sex without turning it into shouting.
Sincerely answering questions about what they like or do not like. ” – 
Angela Skurtu, sexologist and marriage counselor in St. Louis, Missouri.

9. Stop considering penetration as an end in itself

“If you compare sex and food, penetration is usually the dish you serve most, even if the recipes are quite limited, so try to remove it from the card, but keep the orgasms, and see what’s in store for you in this torrid menu – test reports without penetration: manual and oral caresses, deep kisses and other rubs.” – Ian Kerner

10. Plan a naughty meeting

“Platonic marriage is one of the most common concerns of today’s couples, and when they decide to consult, they have often stopped making love for years.
As a sex therapist I meet all and I give almost all couples the same instruction: plan a moment in love.
This commitment must however be held because it is very easy to couples to turn a weekly naughty meeting into something more conventional and to skip sensuality, tactile exchanges, and a good old part of legs in the air.
To spice up his sex life and get out of the routine, we must take the time to (re) discover for pleasure.” –
 Patti Britton, sex coach and author of The Art of Sex Coaching: Expanding Your Practice.

After reading these useful ten sex tips, I hope that long term couples can find their way to enjoy again their best moments of love. They would be able to spend more years together! 

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