10 sex toys at home that you didn’t know you had

Ice cream can be your favorite tasty sex toy!

When the curtains fall between the intimate domestic walls, there are no limits to take, and the sexual fantasy finds free rein by transforming everyday objects into fabulous sex toys. You will surely have sex toys at home too, we discover which ones.

Sexuality has multi-forms and satisfies all tastes: there are those who love making love lying in bed , those who prefer to warm up the situation with masturbation , those who like to experiment, both in pairs and alone, the use of sex toys that let creativity and imagination fly. This winning combination allows us to transform everyday life into eroticism , a normal situation in moments of pure passion.

But if you want to experience something new, we invite you to look at the simplest place in the world: your home . You too can recognize a series of objects that, with creativity and erotic intent, will turn into fabulous sex toys. Have you recognized them? If you can’t, we’ll help you.

Here in detail the 10 sex toys at home that you didn’t know you and that can turn a normal evening into a really hot situation! You would give the pleasure other dimensions and a unique perspective!

1. Ice, especially when you can shape it

Ice is a renowned sex toy: All what you need is just to take a couple of cubes and use them during foreplay , passing them sensually on sensitive areas like neck, ears, lips, neckline, nipples, inner thigh and genitals. But if we suggest you put some water in a condom and put it in the freezer? The end result would be a home made dildo, perfect for facing the summer heat. How about? Just tell us your experience in the comments below.

2. The electric toothbrush

You just need to turn it on to understand the association immediately. Actually, the electric toothbrush clearly remembers a vibrator . If you succeed to place it in the right areas, with the right intensity, it can give you pleasure and stimulates adorably the erotic points. Respect, of course, the sensitivity of these areas, they are too sensitive, so watch out! Otherwise you risk getting hurt.

3. Body oils with the addition of some spice

Every one knows that body oils are perfect for sensual massages and hot caresses. They give you a warm and soft sensation. But if you want to turn them into lubricating gels , it is very easy.  You just need to add some spice and you’re done. Mint and ginger to create refreshing oils and cinnamon for the heating ones. Simple, isn’t it? What do you wait to try it out?

Try Sandalwood Rose Massage Oil , perfect for massages, even the most intimate ones! Buy it on Amazon!

4. The pearl necklace, if well lubricated

One of the best sex toys at home! That’s right, the pearl necklace is a great replacement for the masseur. Of course it should be washed thoroughly and lubricated, but you can use it as a massager for the clitoris, stimulating it at different intensities. Start slowly, explore, and if you find it pleasant, proceed to intensify the massage. It is really a genius idea to help you to explore the most sensitive parts of your body!

5. Scarves and ties for couples games

Time to take the pleasure to another level. Blind your eyes , tie your hands, tie yourself to the bed and start the adventure. You do not necessarily need masks and handcuffs, if you activate the imagination you realize that scarves and ties are the perfect substitutes for those evenings when a bit of bondage wants to be the protagonist. This would really stimulate the pleasure and make you enjoy a unique experience.

6. The brush with large back for the most bratty

This is another utility that you did not know about brush. If you want to proceed in the wake of bondage and soft BDSM, use a brush with a large back to lightly spank your partner. You can invent some role-playing games , set the tone of the erotic situation and set your limits without any shame or fear. 

7. Candle and wax to stimulate the senses

Other sex toys at home? Well, scented candles create warm and sensual environments. But we don’t just see the candles in this respect. With any type of candle you can invent a really hot erotic situation: use wax drops , which represent an erotic dream for many, and make them fall slowly on your body or on your partner’s. Attention to sensitive areas, however, there is the risk of getting hurt .

There are candles that when melted become a scented massage oil.

Buy it on Amazon for less than 10 dollar!

8. The blush brush either

For moments of solitude, the blush brush, like other thick make-up brushes, can turn into excellent dildos, if carefully washed and lubricated, covering the handle with a condom. But even the part of the brush itself can represent a sexual diversion if used to caress the erogenous zones of your partner, such as inner thigh, nipples and neck. Maybe then change the brush if you still have to use it for makeup!

9. Ice cream to also stimulate taste

Who doesn’t love ice cream? And if it is combined with sexuality? It would be a perfect combo! Then having said that, take some ice cream, spread it sensually on the sensitive parts of your body and then go and eat it, starting with a light touch with your tongue and then proceeding intensely. Your partner will go crazy because at first he will feel the cold sensation of ice cream and then the warmth of your tongue!

10. The washing machine for two to have fun

Well, this is not really a toy. We talk about a machine that you can turn it into a tool of excitement and pleasure. Move closer to the washing machine when it is moving. Its vibrations placed close to the clitoral area can give rise to feelings of pleasant excitement. At that point, also involve the partner and propose to him to make love directly there. The biggest sex toys in history will give you a note of true passion.

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