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10 Incredible sex tips to spice up your sex life

10 Incredible sex tips to spice up your sex life

With time, go, everything goes away”? As Lavoisier said, “nothing is lost, everything is transformed”! It’s time to apply this wise scientific precept to your couple and take control of your sex life, slightly at half-mast. It’s time to spice up your sex life!

For this to work, you have to be too kindly spice up your sex life. So first of all, know it, a minimum of reciprocity is necessary. How do you know if your boyfriend will play the game? By acting to test his respondent, Pardi. And if you hit the starfish, you know what you have to do …

1. We activate

Remember the beginnings of your relationship: strangely, when we meet, we are almost never tired. We follow the four-hour nights, convincing ourselves that “the fatigue of sex” is not so exhausting, and that it brings its share of vitality to our face yet surrounded. To honor this healthy fatigue, therefore, you were doing belly dancing while he was more enterprising and greedy than ever. An observation: mobility, agility, the desire to move is one of the things you lose first. So we activate, we stop lying down and glued to the mouth of his partner to better explore his belly button, or that precious corner between his shoulder blades or behind his knees, which we liked so much at first.

The result: we feel extremely wanted as the first day and finally emancipated the too simple trilogy sex/breasts/ mouth, so boring in the long run.

2. We're talking to each other

If you are convinced that talking in bed is not your thing, get away from the dirty clichés to spice up the action with a few well-placed words. It is not necessarily about being treated of all the names (although), verbalizing what we love and doing us good gives a dimension assumed very exciting for the other, and for oneself. Beyond the signals of the body, another dimension of the relationship is eroticized: language. It changes a little bit of  “did you shop?”, Frankly. 

The result: on the spot it is torrid. And after? A slight shame can pink our cheeks of pleasure … (or not.) ### twitter ###

3. We are looking for its limit

Do you fantasize about 50 shades of Gray? You do not understand the interest of sodomy? Do you think the missionary is the best thing at the moment? It’s high time to test your limits. Sexual first: I dare, or not? How far am I able to go? And if it is not the limits of your sexuality that you reject, because you have already done everything, then try with those of your habitat: will this sink be held under the passion of coitus? 

The result: it’s fun, invigorating and above all quite intriguing. Who can boast of having (really) explored everything?

4. Change your habits and spice up your sex life:

Replace his old pajamas with lingerie, make love in the afternoon, get assiduous quickie, watch porn together … Now is the time to renew! Look for ideas, change your habits, give yourself themes … Objective? To bring you closer to a common idea, then to decline it together as much as possible. 

The result: the theme makes accomplice, and curiosity is exacerbated. Be careful not to go too far. Nobody wants to discover that in fact, his guy is zoophile or wants to dress in the baby during the act …

5. One tests the "strategy of the bed-top"

Ah, how cozy it is to put under the comforter, spoon, to wish goodnight and to sleep for 10 hours in a row. But the “bedspread strategy” is there to upset your cocooning routine. The principle is simple: since we have lost the habit of making love when we go to bed, we decide to make the habit of making love on the bed, before falling into the arms of Morpheus. 

The result: The chilly will not appreciate much initially, but the pleasure is double. Once slipped under the sheets, we have only one desire: start again.

6. Spice up your sex life and become a videographer (or movie buff)

Do sex tape? And why not! You are at the top of your physique (without putting pressure, the body ages from 25 years, so complexed or not, you are more beautiful today than tomorrow, to sum up) and it would be a pity to die silly. Be confident! And if you are frightened by the idea of showing off your three ribs, or if you fear that your man does not put online the fruit of your antics on PornHub revenge the day you leave, go for a cure of movies erotic, or pornographic. Some suggestions: The Secretary (for spanking), Tampopo (for food), 9 ½ weeks (for perversion), the Lover (for sensuality),50 shades of Gray (for the disappointment) … The list is long! 

The result: to see that for some, getting laid in the air is an art, a full-time activity or delicious deviance can be very inspiring.

7. One is interested in the practice of the Tao (and more if affinities)

The Tao: this word is familiar to you for a long time, but frankly, you sit in front of your partner naked, caress for hours without waiting for anything, it is a vague concept for you. It’s time you buy a good guide, and show your man the joys and mystery of orgasm without ejaculation, and the long-term sexual act. On the way, make a detour by a complete exploration of point G, and pull up to bring out the woman fountain that lies dormant in you. 

The result: in addition to probably having to change the sheets, we reeducate sexually and we learn more than ever about his body, that of his partner and the infinite possibilities of sexuality. An entire program.

8. We dare role plays

The role-playing game, it is not necessarily a disguise ridiculous (although frankly, ridiculous disguise can work well). If you do not want to play the “truant schoolgirl”, or the hysterical domineering, test the psychological role-play. For that, go for example in an unknown bar, with your guy. When he greets you, see him and change his name, secret agent in mission. The rest of the character is created by himself, very naturally, and you are the commissioner of NYC in the footsteps of a dangerous bastard. 

The result: to sleep with your other half in the skin of another may allow you to do things you would never dare to do in real life. Practice, if we do not assume the next morning, we throw the blame on “her”: it’s crazy as it is a crazy fan of spanking, Madam Commissioner!

9. We sleep naked

Sleeping naked too many virtues: While some studies indicate that it can reduce diabetes (strange, but true), sleeping in Eve’s outfit allows especially to connect to the body of the other, while boosting his self-confidence. 

The result: we get closer, we feel beautiful, the bodies brush against each other … In short, we become a sex bomb. What more?

10. We go to the hotel

Ok, it can be expensive, but the one who makes savings on the back of his couple is badly barred. The hotel is the ideal place to get laid without thinking about anything other than sex, except, eventually, the bath we take together after. The opportunity also to opt for a dress-code Marilyn, in a white bathrobe all day. What makes the cleaning ladies crazy in DO NOT DISTURB mode non-stop. We only come out of this sweet hiding place to buy champagne and crisps, and we continue to make love and take baths again and again. 

The result: we get to forget that we have kids / a job / a family / and laundry to do at the apartment. Happiness, what.

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