Condom Revolution: HEX Condom By LELO

Condom Revolution: World's best HEX condom by LELO

HEX Condom-Condom revolution:  Moist, colorful, bright or with taste. The colorful bouquet of Verhüterlis is known to be diverse. At the forefront, Charlie Sheen now promotes the new HEX condom and draws attention to the still hot topic of sexually transmitted diseases. Nevertheless, so far all condoms are similar in their nature and their material. Time for a breath …

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How To Use A Female Condom

Detail instruction on how to use a female condom

The female condom is a birth control device (contraceptive) that acts as a barrier that prevents sperm from entering the uterus. Protects against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Female condoms are like a soft and baggy bag, with a ring at each end. One of the rings is inserted into the vagina to keep the …

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