Best Sex Positions To Try In Car

You will get easily bored if you insist every time to have sex in the bedroom. However, car sex has never really got old. It still has its thrilling and exciting side. If you are looking to upgrade your sex life and try something unique, here are the best sex car positions. In case you don’t have a place where […]

Tantra Chair For Kamasutra Loving Couples!

Experience new sexual adventures! The book of the Kamasutra proposes a range of positions which, sometimes, prove to be very difficult to make. However, there is today the Tantra chair or sex chair, a chair whose shape allows you to practice many positions rather complicated in bed. Characteristics Of Tantra Chair Dimensions and angles: The tantra chair dimensions are 74 […]

Tips For Perfect Blowjob To Blow Your Partner!

Blowjobs or oral sex is sexual contact between the mouth and the genitals or anus; fellatio, cunnilingus, or anilingus. One of the benefits of blowjobs/oral sex is that it can help to increase relationship satisfaction. This can minimize the risk of your partner’s infidelity by increasing their relationship satisfaction. That’s not to say that giving your partner a blowjob everyday […]

Top sex positions: Sex in the bathroom

A shower and a bathtub are a great place to diversify your bed routine. So, like a car, the bathroom is an interesting place to diversify sex games. Whether it’s a sex bath or a shower, these places always offer new and interesting stimuli. And the opportunity to experience your partner in a new light. Bath, as well as shower, offers a lot of fun. […]

Kamasutra: Sexuality and the sex positions of love

Who has not heard of the famous Kamasutra sex positions and has not tried some of them? Whether it is the missionary, the most common position during sexual intercourse or the greyhound that offers a deeper penetration or the classic position of sixty-nine, sexual positions, in general, allow to spice up a little sex and keep awake a desire for rapport […]

CAT sex position: So she comes to orgasm during sex!

The CAT sex position is a position for the orgasm of the woman! And best of all, you do not need sweaty bunnies or acrobatic contortions – the CAT position is simple, gentle and effective. We explain to you how the CAT Sex position works and what you should consider experiencing an unforgettable climax. With Coital Alignment Technique (CAT) to the climax Many couples […]

Andromache Or Cowgirl Position Is Risky!

The name of the position would come from Andromache the wife of Hector the famous hero of Homer in the Iliad. She used to “ride” her husband during their lovemaking. In this position of Andromache the man is lying on his back and the woman is sitting or squatting on him. Although it is a classic Kama Sutra it is also […]