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Tantra Chair For Kamasutra Loving Couples!

Tantra Chair For Kamasutra Loving Couples!

Experience new sexual adventures! The book of the Kamasutra proposes a range of positions which, sometimes, prove to be very difficult to make. However, there is today the Tantra chair or sex chair, a chair whose shape allows you to practice many positions rather complicated in bed.

Characteristics Of Tantra Chair

  • Dimensions and angles: The tantra chair dimensions are 74 inches length, 29 inches height and 16.5 inches width. The tantra chair’s unique dimensions and angles have been developed over many years. Every detail has an important object in order to get highly designed furniture.
  • Materials: To make the Tantra chair, highly resistant materials are being used. The most important is the vegan material. It is moisture, stain-resistant, soft to touch, anti-microbial and doesn’t need any maintenance. The leather that the manufacturer uses is very elegant and durable that will last many years. For the interior structure, it is made from thick durable maple. This solid furniture is capable of handling 1000 lbs of weight.
  • Comfort and nurture: Thanks to its finest and high-density foam, the Tantra chair is capable of supporting two people comfortably. With foam thickness over 4 inches, the tantra chair keeps its firmness for a lifetime.

Advantages of tantra chair

1. New positions to experience:

Thanks to their shape and comfort, these chairs allow amateurs to discover new ways to experience pleasure and discover the limits of their bodies. If you want to have a different sexual experience, we will explain to you how to use a tantra chair and the best positions you can start practicing with this object.

If you want to innovate in your sexual life, the tantra chair is the solution you are looking for. This furniture allows a variety of sexual positions: from traditional positions (missionary, doggy style, etc.) to positions that are more difficult to achieve thanks to the shape and comfort that this chair offers.

With this chair, you can discover the pleasure of some of the most difficult positions of the Kamasutra. Thanks to the shape of this chair, it will be much easier to find the right positions for both partners who will feel more comfortable.

2. Simple to use:

To be able to use a tantra chair, you will just have to position yourself on the chair with your partner and allow you to take all the positions of the Kamasutra that you have always wanted to try but have never been able to do correctly. This chair is designed in such a way that you can not slip and that you are perfectly comfortable for perfect penetrations.

Since your body is very well placed on this chair, it will be very easy for you to keep and have different intensities without getting tired since the weight is distributed correctly allowing you to devote yourself only to the pleasure.

3. Strengthen your relationship:

With the tantra chair, you will be able to find real love and desire as well. You will get the experience that combines connection, spirit, and intimacy.

To keep a perfect relationship with your partner, you have to support, nourish and renew your sexual passion and desire, and there is no better way to do that than getting the tantra chair.

Having new sex positions with your partner is certainly a good way to spice and delight your sex experience in order to keep interested and passionate about each other.

Best sex positions for tantra chair

Some calls it Kama Sutra chair as this sex chair helps couples to try almost all the Kama Sutra sex positions. Making love on this easier for couples. In order to understand how to use a tantra chair for sex, we will show you some of the best sexual positions you can achieve.

Rose sex position

Rose position on tantra sex chair

He starts by laying back against the small curve of the tantra chair keeping the head up, then she can squat over him and face away. She will be able to control the penetration speed and depth.

Reverse cowgirl sex position

Reverse cowgirl sex position on tantra chair

To make this position, the man lays back against the big curve of the tantra chair and she will be sitting astride him and facing away. She will be able once again to control the depth and pace.

The butterfly sex position

Butterfly position for sex on tantra chair

In this position, she lies on her back making her legs spread and knees genuinely bent. For him, he would stand between her legs and lift her lips to get an extraordinary penetration. All she has to do is to enjoy it!

Crouching tiger sex position

Crouching tiger sex position on tantra chair

To achieve this position, she bends over with the back to her partner and rests her body on the big curve of the tantra chair. He comes then to enter her from the back and he will be able to control the depth penetration if he holds her thighs.

The rocking horse sex position

Rocking horse sex position on tantra sex chair

In this position, the couple has to collaborate more. She sits on his top, as he would be seated and arms leaning back in order to support his body and allowing her to straddle him. Then she moves her hips back and forth hugging his thighs so she gets full control of speed and penetration.

More sex positions for tantra sex chair!

Various sex positions for tantra chair 1

In short, this tantra sex chair not only allows you to enjoy the positions always in a much more comfortable and less tiring way but also gives you the opportunity to discover other positions for sex in bed a little complicated. With this chair, all these positions are much easier to achieve. On the other hand, if you want to live an intense experience for both of you and discover other hidden erogenous points of your body.

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