Is Tighter Vagina Good For Sex?

Too tight vagina is not good for sex and you.

From time to time, the woman notices her vagina is tighter than it used to be. This is not weird because the vagina made changes mainly during intercourse and childbirth.

There is no too tight vagina nor a loose vagina, it measures from three to four inches long. During intercourse, the vagina expands to gain additional inches. And believe me, a tight vagina is better than a loose one.

Is there a too tight vagina?

To make things clearer, the vagina doesn’t control itself to become tight or loose. Actually, the pelvic floor muscles control the lower part of your body.

A tight vagina is something that most women and even men want, however, a too-tight vagina can become a problem. If you feel pain every time you have sex, don’t hesitate to see a doctor.

In case your vagina is too tight

Many conditions intervene to make your vagina tight. But don’t worry because these issues are minor and easy to treat. Down below, I will mention the conditions in which you may feel uncomfortable when having a sexual penetration.

A tighter vagina is not a better vagina

Vagina reacts during sex

During sex, a woman is well aroused, so her vagina expands and gets an extra length after releasing a natural lubricant. These changes happen to help the vagina prepare for sexual intercourse.

If a woman is not well aroused, the vagina won’t sufficiently expand and there will be a lubricant lack. This can cause pain and discomfort, then comes the feeling of getting too tight.

To achieve arousal, most of the women prolong the build-up phase or take their time fore playing with their partners. Others, prefer to take a bath before having sex in order to relax the pelvic floor muscles.

On the other hand, research confirms that most women need some additional lubricant. They can find what they are looking for from a huge range available in the market. This way, sex becomes more and more pleasurable. Be careful with oils capable of breaking down condoms.

Vagina during pregnancy

Pregnancy causes different changes in the vagina. These changes are preparing for the birth of your baby which leads to a uterus larger than before. The larger uterus makes more pressure on the vagina and you feel tight.

During pregnancy, a woman may notice vagina changes such as color and feeling of pressure. This feeling of vaginal pressure can make the woman feel as if her vagina is tighter than it is used to be.

In some conditions, pregnancy increases the vaginal lubrication which makes the vagina more elastic than normal. The woman’s vagina takes back its original form and elasticity after the pregnancy.

Pelvic floor muscles are tight

Many women focus on how to make their pelvic floor tighter. We may have conditions where this solution wouldn’t be a good idea.

Many women already suffer from pelvic floor muscles which are too tight. Hence, a very tight pelvic floor causes pain during sexual penetration. If you are certain that you already have a too tight pelvic floor, then practicing exercises to help tighten the pelvic floor will only make things worse.

Instead of this, you should focus on how to relax and loosen the pelvic floor muscles. To do so, we advise seeing a pelvic muscle physiotherapist in order to turn things more easy for your vagina.

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