How can a woman get to orgasm only by hand?

How can a woman get to orgasm only by hand?

The most basic method that everyone should master. Use it with a permanent partner, or random acquaintance. If you don’t have a condom at hand, the manual route is the safest yet functional option. You will reach your woman orgasm by hand. You couldn’t leave her unhappy.

Step 1: Cropped hand nails

Keep your nails in perfect condition. Why do women look at men’s hands? It’s because of the fingering. They do not carry well when they are scratched down there.

Step 2: Swirl around your women clitoris using hand 

Forefinger and mediator in action. Gently move the rings around the clitoris. Lubrication is important. Natural partner lubrication or lubricating gel can be used.

As it begins to sigh, accelerate. Beware when you stop feeling and start rubbing too fast or too hard. The clit is sensitive and needs gentle treatment.

Step 3: Penetrate hand into the vagina to get orgasm

When ready, insert the middle finger and forefinger into the vagina. They replace the penis and drive hand in and out. The pace must be chosen depending on the partner.

Some love fast and harsh, others gently and as slowly as possible. There is a different formula for each woman. It is ideal to be facing her lap. This allows you to control intrusion as much as possible.

Step 4: Finding the G point

Turn your hand upside down and move your fingers inside the vagina as if to indicate “come to me. “

This stimulates the G point – the point on the front wall of the vagina at about 1/3 of its depth. The surface is knurled here. The movement should start slowly and step up to a faster pace.

Step 5: Drive up and down

In the next phase, connect both fingers. Go around the clitoris and aim down the vagina. Turn the direction and continue up. Movement follows the movement of a language that is so popular with women.

Step 6: Second hand as an escort-orgasm 

Replenish the manual work with the other hand. She can pay attention to the vagina or G point while the first takes care of the clitoris. This is all she needs to reach woman orgasm by hand.

The rhythm of both hands should not be the same. The pace should be the same. Until the partner asks for “arriving”. Connoisseurs can use the little finger to stimulate the anal opening. She just needs to know in advance.

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